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Convertibles may not be the first type of cars that come to mind for most buyers but if you have ever considered one, here are five reasons why you should.

26 Oct 2018

If you are a family man who is debating the purchase of a top-down ride, you may be faced with several concerns such as safety and practicality. But once you get in the driver's seat, a car like the MINI Cooper Convertible will easily convince you that buying one is the right choice.

And whether it's something as simple as the MINI Cooper Convertible, a punchier version like the MINI Cooper S Convertible or the top-performing MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, here are our top five reasons why we've always loved them, and why you should own one at least once in your life.

A drive down a good set of roads is made all the better with the top down in a convertible MINI
1. Freedom

What else can make you feel freer than cruising down the highway at night or along our neighbouring country's scenic backroads with the top down, and the wind blowing through your hair?

A motorcycle like the BMW R nineT Racer could, but if you can't ride one, a convertible is the next best thing.

Whether you're taking a nice spirited (doing the speed limit, of course) drive to the beach or a slow and easy commute to work, you'll get an incomparable feeling of freedom when driving a convertible. Even on the worst of days, it has a strange ability to make you feel powerful and free.

Great visibility all around is one of the plus points of driving a convertible
2. Safety

While the words 'safety' and 'convertible' may not seem like they belong in the same sentence, that's now a thing of the past.

Aside from modern engineering that contributes to a stronger chassis and advanced safety technologies such as MINI's active rollover protection system, there are still other ways that a convertible is actually safer than the equivalent coupe or sedan.

When the top is down, there is no blind spot. Visibility is hugely improved and drivers of convertibles are usually more aware of what's going on around them since the top is down and out of the way.

Never a bad day in a car like the MINI Cooper Convertible, thanks to its engaging and characterful drive
3. Emotional well-being

When was the last time you saw someone looking sad while driving a convertible? We'll go out on a limb and guess never.

Even if the driver isn't blatantly grinning from ear to ear, you just know that behind those tortoise shell Ray-Bans are a pair of eyes that are smiling, especially behind the wheel of a car as emotionally appealing as any convertible MINI.

Driving a convertible offers a kind of fun that can be engaging even at slow speeds. When you have a convertible, you'll look for opportunities to drive. In short, a beautiful day is amplified by a nice drive in your drop-top.

What better way to end the tiring work day than a topless drive home, as you scream your lungs out to your favourite songs
4. Noise

While most people would consider the added road and wind noise associated with convertibles as a disadvantage, we prefer to look at this differently. After all, manufacturers like MINI create cars that are well-insulated enough for this not to be a concern.

For one, you'll have a perpetual excuse for not answering your phone. Driving with the top down also eliminates having to make idle conversation with your passenger when all you really want to do is drive.

And with any convertible MINI, characterful exhaust notes also accompany your drive - whether it's the Cooper Convertible, Cooper S Convertible or the burbling John Cooper Works Convertible.

A convertible lets you feel one with the surroundings and is a good way of relaxing your eyes after work
5. The view

Take your kids or the lucky other half out for an open-top drive in your convertible, and encourage them to forget the world and enjoy the natural surroundings.

A convertible sure isn't rocket science, but it's a good way to get off the computer or iPad, rest your eyes and appreciate what Mother Nature or Singapore's city backdrop has to offer.

Such drives stimulate the senses and let you capture and share those moments of open-top joy together. You don't even have to be driving, actually. You can just be parked at places like Marina Barrage or on the roof of Golden Mile Tower and revel in a conversation accompanied by the setting sun, or under the stars.
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