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KATC Autotrans continues to lead the way in the auto transmission market, by constantly enhancing and improving its overall product offerings and services.

18 Dec 2018

With the advancement of technology, there's no doubt that cars' mechanical, electrical and electronic systems are getting increasingly complex. Additionally, car manufacturers also have to deal with the challenges of adapting cleaner technologies to negotiate increasing emissions standards.

Automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly complex to deal with the new challenges presented by modern cars
As a result, automatic transmission units (as part of the car's powertrain) are becoming increasingly more complex. Manufacturers are focusing on developing gearboxes that offer improved shift quality and better dynamic control systems, to be installed in cars of today and tomorrow.

What does the future hold for advanced automatic transmission systems? We've already seen gearboxes becoming increasingly complex. For example, four-speed transmissions have given way to six and seven-speed gearboxes respectively. Nowadays, there are cars, such as the Lexus LS and the Lexus LC, that even have 10 gears. Additionally, with hybrid and electric drivetrains, gearboxes also need to be able to cope with the instantaneous torque.

Thus, it is prudent for car owners to seek a reliable, credible and trustworthy workshop when it comes to gearbox maintenance. You need a motor workshop with well-trained mechanics that are technically well versed and with years of hands-on experience in the repair and servicing of the latest models of auto transmissions.

KATC has cemented itself as an industry leader for automatic transmission servicing
As vouched by positive feedback from customers and other motor workshops in Singapore, KATC Autotrans is the leading motor workshop that specialises and provides excellent repairs and service in the auto gearbox. 

Deep foundations

Founded in 1993, KATC Autotrans was one of the very first workshops to specialise in gearbox servicing and repair. Now with over two decades of experience, KATC has cemented itself as a mainstay in the industry, offering a complete service for automatic gearbox issues. This ranges from a simple diagnostic check to repairing, restoring and rebuilding all types of automatic gearboxes.

The first step in taking care of your car's gearbox is to ensure that you go for regular check-ups and do preventive maintenance. KATC offers its customers free yearly checks, where the technicians usually check the electronics and sensors. While there may not be a dashboard light lit to indicate a fault, car has an internal memory that has a full record of the car’s behaviours. Here, with the right software, the technicians can look for any potential hiccups in the transmission’s performance and sort these issues out accordingly.

Properly flushing ATF from a gearbox helps to improve response and prolong lifespan
Improved processes

KATC has also purchased transmission flushing equipment to thoroughly flush the gearbox of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). The traditional method of changing ATF for the gearbox does not fully remove all of the old oil. Thus, when new oil is introduced, it will end up mixing with some of the residual oil. This flushing machine allows a 100% flush of the old oil before the new ATF is introduced, similar to the way a dialysis machine operates. This method helps to prolong the lifespan of the gearbox, and ensures better responsiveness and smoother gear shifts. This particular transmission flushing service is available on 85 different car models.

As gearboxes become increasingly more complex, the chance of potential problems also increases. Problems usually come about in three ways - electronic, mechanical and hydraulic. With a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools available, the well-versed technicians at KATC are able to diagnose and repair even the most complicated of gearboxes found on new high-end models in the market these days.

KATC's well-trained mechanics are technically well-versed and possess years of hands-on experience
Business development for the future

KATC also plans to develop a consortium network of about 20 authorised and certified motor workshops that specialise in the field of repair and servicing of automatic transmissions.

Based on this new business concept, KATC is able to offer the necessary skills training, as well as providing the relevant and appropriate information, equipment, transmission fluids and marketing strategy.

KATC is willing to offer a 'shared-value business' investment model to any motor workshops and/or potential business associates that have interest in operating a motor workshop specialising in the repairs and service of automatic transmissions.

KATC Autotrans is looking to build a consortium network by offering its technical and business expertise to other motor workshops
Additionally, KATC is also willing to include its GearLife warranty program to any potential motor workshops and/or business associates to become the GearLife inspection outlets. KATC will impart its expertise in inspection and testing of auto transmission problems, as it looks to further improve the market standards on transmission services.

To find out more about KATC Autotrans, you can visit its website and Facebook page. KATC Autotrans is located at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #01-08 First East Centre Singapore (417868), and can be contacted at 6757 5200. To find out more about its GearLife Warranty, you can also email

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