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On top of its GearLife automatic transmission warranty package, KATC Autotrans is offering GearLife+ from 2018, which covers your car's engine and air-con, too.

26 Dec 2017

Modern cars are becoming increasingly complex, thanks to a technological rat race, which means there are more electronics in your powertrain than an F-16 Fighting Falcon, and more safety systems than the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

From minor servicing to major engine repair work, KATC Autotrans has what it takes to solve your car troubles
As such, cars today are more expensive to fix. Having already paid some of the highest prices in the world to put our cars on our roads, high repair costs are double slaps on our faces and a painful burn on finances.

But just as we are able to purchase insurance policies, which help cover medical expenses if we get hospitalised, our cars can also be covered by 'insurance' against part failures and not just in the event of an a fender-bender.

Offering car owners added assurance

Cue automatic transmission specialist KATC Autotrans, an established mainstay in the automotive repair, restoration, and rebuilding and servicing business sector. Primarily an automatic transmission specialist, KATC Autotrans was founded in 1993 and with numerous years of experience, technical knowledge and expertise has consistently grown in reputation.

KATC Autotrans is also a CaseTrust accredited company. 

Operating out of its 650m2 premise located at First East Centre in Kaki Bukit, KATC Autotrans is also the brains behind GearLife, which launched in 2015 on top of the services it offers.

GearLife is an extended warranty package that provides comprehensive coverage for the car's automatic transmission - this includes repair of any faulty parts, as well as coverage on wear and tear, which is seldom covered. GearLife is a one-year extended warranty that is tied to Lemon Law, which covers any repair, restoration, rebuild or replacement of an automatic transmission and its related parts.

To offer customers the maximum peace of mind, KATC has partnered with EZ-Link's TRUST programme. Managed and powered by EZ-Link, a regulated body endorsed by CaseTrust, TRUST is a programme designed to instil greater consumer confidence in merchants offering prepaid packages. 

Founded in 1993, KATC Autotrans is the go-to name for any of your car's transmission-related issues
When customers purchase the GearLife warranty, payment is made through the EZ-Link TRUST programme. TRUST acts as a guarantor of sorts, safeguarding the consumer's purchase.

As custodian, TRUST offers confidence in the merchant's ability to fulfil its service, in this case the warranty package. Should the merchant cease operation, the customer is able to obtain a refund of the un-utilised amount in the prepaid package.

Through the years, GearLife has proved to be crucial in keeping repairs and maintenance costs to a minimum and as such, KATC Autotrans plans to give its customers even more insurance and confidence.

One step further

The company, from 2018, is introducing GearLife+, an extended warranty programme, which builds on the success of GearLife. Unlike GearLife, GearLife+ also covers your car's engine and air-conditioning system. Like GearLife, GearLife+ covers replacements up to $10,000.

This includes the repair of any faulty engine or air-conditioning parts, as well as coverage on wear and tear. Fried your engine's piston rings? That's covered as well. Servicing work such as the changing of the air-conditioning compressor oil or air-conditioning filter, however, isn't covered.

To ensure that it's got the necessary tools to best serve its customer's cars, KATC Autotrans only uses equipment such as those by BrainBee, a leader in economical and quality air-conditioning machines.

KATC Autotrans only uses quality equipment such as the air-conditioning machines by BrainBee
Interested parties are required to send their vehicle to KATC Autotrans for a pre-acceptance check. With the necessary equipment to do a comprehensive assessment, its mechanics will conduct a thorough check to ensure that the car is in good working condition.

On top of its core products and services, KATC Autotrans is also going one step further by conducting in-house workshops to help mechanics, aspiring mechanics and also students grasp car maintenance and repair.

For mechanics, the course is designed to give them a more in-depth understanding of automatic transmissions and how different kinds of transmissions should be approached.

In doing so, the company hopes to build an islandwide workshop network, which has the knowledge to diagnose and repair automatic transmissions. This is done to increase geographical and time convenience for its customers.

At time of writing, KATC Autotrans' network of workshops spans nine across Singapore, but is going to hit a total of 25 in due time. However, KATC Autotrans has high standards of the workshops that form this network, wanting only ones, which make the cut in terms of customer service and expertise.

To find out more about GearLife and GearLife+, you can either email or visit KATC Autotrans' website and Facebook page to find out more about its latest products and services. KATC Autotrans Pte Ltd is located at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #01-08 First East Centre Singapore (417868). For more information, you can also call 6757 5200.
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