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Fretting over where to have your lunch on a workday? Here are some places that are not only in the vicinity of good food, but also offer free parking!

12 Feb 2019

For each free parking place, I've provided budget makan options and the more pricey ones too for variety. All timings are from Monday to Friday (unless otherwise stated).

Do note that not all these makan places are located directly at the parking spots, some are located at a relatively short distance away. I've grouped all the places according to their North, South, East and West locations for convenience.

Unless you're fortunate enough to have more than the usual 60 minute lunch hour as in ONE hour, singular, Uno, Eins, Ichi, Yi. Utilise this one hour to the max!


888 Plaza offers free parking daily from 12 pm to 2 pm
888 Plaza (Woodlands)

12 pm to 2 pm - Free parking daily

Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh ($)
One of the rare BKT stalls in Singapore that serve Herbal Bak Kut Teh. For $5.50 a bowl, it's a steal.

Sin Kee Seafood Soup ($$)
I would opt for the Crayfish Seafood Soup because $9.50.  If you're a soup person, this is for you

Citrus By The Pool ($$$)
Go for the Grilled Free-range Chicken ($14.90). With its homemade brown sauce, it's divine!


On weekdays, enjoy the first 1.5 hours free when you park at City Square Mall between 12pm and 2 pm
City Square Mall

12 pm to 2 pm – first 1.5 hours free

Brisket King Beef Noodle ($)
Perfect for a rainy day. The soup stock is rich, satisfying and you don't get the super thirsty feeling after (means little or no msg).

MEET ($$)
Meet has pretty awesome lunch deals ($14.90 for a main and a drink) and the mashed potato… WOW!

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant ($$$)
Who would say no to Japanese food am I right? $25.80++ for weekday lunch! Only if you have more than an hour mind you.

Enjoy an hour of free parking at Clarke Quay from 12.30 pm to 1.29 pm
Clarke Quay

12.30 pm to 1.29 pm - Free within the hour

Great coffee and fulfilling sandwiches. Order the Mint Mocha and scrambled eggs! No regrets!

Porta ($$)
The 12-hour Braised Beef Short Rib ($28) might be a little pricey, but you can use a spoon to cut the meat!

FOC Restaurant ($$$)
Order anything here! It's just some serious culinary magic happening here. Great to pair the tapas with some of their wines.

Park your car for free throughout the day at Dempsey Hills
Dempsey Hill

Free parking all day

The Green Door ($)
Their platters are good for sharing, and you will be shocked (in a good way) when the bill arrives.

Jones The Grocer ($$)
Jones Big Breakfast is a popular item here ($28) and will leave you feeling full till dinner.

Candlenut ($$$)
Peranakan fine dining at its finest. Order the Beef Gold Coin Shin Rendang or the Buah Keluak! Much love.

Enjoy free parking at the Labrador Nature Reserve
Labrador Nature Reserve

Free parking all day

Princess Terrace ($)
It's an affordable buffet for its location. One of the best dishes would be the Prawn Noodle Soup  (There are Quails Eggs!)

Himawari Japanese Restaurant ($$)
The sashimi slices here are thick and generous. Super value for money!

Tamarind Hil ($$$)
Fancy some fine dining Siamese cuisine? The lamb shank looks, smells and tastes heavenly.

Leisure Park Kallang offers free parking for the first hour on weekdays
Leisure Park Kallang

Free parking for the first hour on weekdays

Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre ($)
They do things differently in Geylang. Generally, any stall will serve decent food at an affordable price here.

G7 Sin Ma Claypot Live Frog (Geylang) ($$)
The consistency of the porridge is nice and thick, and if you're not squeamish, the frogs are tasty!

Joyden Treasures ($$$)
Expensive but order the Lobster Claypot Porridge because it's chocked full of Lobster flavour!

Park your car for free throughout the day at Mount Faber
Mount Faber

Free parking all day
- Mount Faber Steakhouse & Brewery ($)
A great place with a pretty chill vibe. Look out for their super affordable 1-For-1 deals! (I recommend the ribeye because it's super worth it)

Arbora ($$)
Don't waste any time and order the rack of lamb immediately. It's going to take a while to arrive. Thank us later.

Dining on Cloud 9 ($$$)
Dine in a cable car with your office romance maybe? Won't feel that romantic in the afternoon heat though.

Mustafa Centre offers free parking for the first hour daily
Mustafa Centre

First hour free parking daily

The Beef House ($)
Abacus Seeds, Soon Kueh and Hakka Yong Tau Foo - Order all of them for just $5!

Kebabs 'N Curries ($$)
Located on the rooftop of Mustafa, you'll get significant hearty portions for an insanely low price.

Copper Chimney ($$$)
Copper Chimney receives excellent reviews for their Indian food. A little pricey but you won't leave disappointed.


Breadtalk IHQ

At Breadtalk IHQ, first hour of parking is free between 6 am and 11.59 pm
6 am to 11.59 pm – first Hour free

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles ($)
The only non-Michelin stall listed here but serves one of the best Fishballs in Singapore

Hawker Chan ($) *Michelin
The soya chicken is tender, flavourful and juicy. For the full experience, order the roast pork and char siew too

Tim Ho Wan ($$) *Michelin
The long queues at Tim Ho Wan should attest to how good their Dim Sum is (and not to mention, light on the belly).

Tsuta ($$$) *Michelin
This humble ramen store will leave you wanting more after your first bowl so be prepared to order two!

Katong Square offers free parking from 12 pm to 2 pm, except on Public Holidays
Katong Square

12 pm to 2 pm - Free Parking except on Public Holidays

Mr & Mrs Morgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata
It’s a good fight with Casuarina Curry regarding texture and taste, but Mr & Mrs Morgan's winning regarding price.

Gastrosmiths ($$)
Their signature dish is the Angus Hamburg Rice if you fancy some carbs for lunch. I'd go for the double.

Pince & Pints ($$$)
You could say that P&P started the whole Lobster Roll craze in SG. They're still on top of their game regarding taste too!

Our Tampines Hub offers free parking from 12 pm to 2 pm daily
Our Tampines Hub

12 pm to 2 pm - Free parking

Tampines Round Market & Food Centre ($)
There's a curry powder carrot cake with prawn served here that lots of people aren't aware of their existence.

Brothers in Fine Food ($$)
Try the Butcher's Daughter (not in a literal sense). It's a decent piece of meat, and it's even halal!

The Sushi Bar ($$$)
Everything is good. It's rare to find a place where you can say that.


Park your car for free for the first hour at Chinese Garden, before 6pm
Chinese Garden

Before 6 pm - first Hour Free

Joo Siah Bak Koot Teh ($)
They specialise in the white pepper bak kut teh, and the meat is super tender.

Shi Jian Hot Pot ($$)
If you would like to try the pig brain (it's good for your mind), this is the place to attempt it.

The Carving Board ($$$)
The striploin steak ($22) is the highlight here. Add $2 for truffle fries!

Enjoy free parking from 12 pm to 2 pm from Monday to Thursday at Jurong Point
Jurong Point

12 pm to 2 pm - Free parking only from Monday to Thursday

Fei Fei Roasted Noodle ($)
Springy noodles and tender, caramelised char siew meat mean long queues every day. Factor in about 30 mins waiting time.

Kai Xian Seafood Restaurant ($$)
Prawn Paste Chicken, Salted Fish Fried Rice and Fried Eggs with Oyster - your colleagues will be impressed for sure.

Shabu Ichi ($$$)
Shabu Ichi is a hot pot buffet that features truffle tonkotsu and ginseng tonkotsu soup bases


Fajar Shopping Centre offers free parking from 12 pm to 2 pm daily
Fajar Shopping Centre

12 pm to 2 pm - Free parking daily

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (Ke Kou Mian) ($)
If you can take the heat, order the Spicy Ke Kou Mian ($4). It's the best item on the menu. Health nuts not allowed.

Kowloon Bay HK Café ($$)
The Fei Po Char Siew Noodle - tender and fatty char siew with a not over the top sweet glaze sauce.

Yaba Hut ($$$)
There's only thing everyone talks about when going to Yaba Hut, and that’s the Salmon Aburi Don. Super tasty!

The Grandstand offers all day free parking
The Grandstand

Free parking all day

They are famous for their Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Scrambled Eggs. Sounds delicious even as you say it no?

Keith Crackling Roast ($$)
Crackling is always amazing. Hospital-inducing but amazing.  It's so amazing that it might overshadow the meat at times.

Kuro Kin Japanese Dining ($$$)
This place serves probably one of the best Chirashi dons in Singapore and at a steep price of $40 to match.

Park your car for free throughout the day at The Rail Mall
The Rail Mall

Free parking all day

Hambaobao ($) - must walk a little
Crispy Pork Belly & Ayam Buah Keluak burger - Chock full of calories but worth it @ 5 dollars a piece.

New Teck Kee Chicken Rice ($$)
Fuss-free and efficient service. Not to mention tender chicken which is not overly greasy.

BlooiE's Roadhouse ($$$)
They are famous for their Chilli Cheesy Dog and Cheese Pizza. You could also try their Blackened Dory if you're a monster.

And, that's the whole of Singapore. Check out the rest of the carpark rates in Singapore (not during lunch hour) here!

Note: ($) - ($$$) depicts the price range of the particular restaurant.

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