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Klartech Detailer is Singapore's only car detailer that offers game-changing comprehensive assurance policies on paint protection for a lasting car shine.

26 Mar 2019

For something as simple as paint protection, one is often spoilt for choice. There is waxing and polishing. Followed by glass, rims and paintwork nano-ceramic coating. Whatever the brand or name, they come with one promise - to keep your car looking young and fresh.

While others may offer proprietary technology and know-how in regards to paint protection, Klartech Detailer does the same with added assurance
Most car detailers promote proprietary technology and techniques when it comes to paintwork. Sure, these are important factors - but the common question in our heads is how long can the shine and protection last?

Most workshops are reluctant to tag a date to 'expiry' as the lifespan of paint protection is dependent on many factors such as weather, usage and daily maintenance.

This is the gap that Klartech Detailer wants to address with its KlarShield Paint-Protect Assurance programme.

Assured paint protection all the way to seven years

The KlarShield Paint-Protect Assurance programme has three main offerings: Silver, Gold and Platinum coverage. These programmes include a full wash-down and claying process that decontaminates the paint surface, before paint correction and finishing is carried out.

Different stages of nano-ceramic coating is then applied on all exterior paint surfaces, as well as exterior plastic surfaces to ensure they are able to handle Singapore's harsh tropical conditions - with a lasting shine.

The team at Klartech Detailer assures of the quality of your car paint for as long as the policy lasts
A full-fledged paint protection assurance programme

The KlarShield Paint-Protect Assurance programme covers for:
- Annual maintenance inspection 
- Wear and tear from commercial car washes
- Proper third-party automotive-cleaning products
- Self-cleaning ability
- Recoating of accident panels

For us, what caught our eye was the coverage for wear and tear from commercial car washes. We are all guilty of cheap and fast car washes at petrol stations, often resulting in compromised paintwork - this is covered by KlarShield. For accidents, the folks at Klartech Detailer explain that KlarShield's coverage will extend to the recoating of resprayed accident panels, too.

The philosophy at Klartech Detailer, as the team puts it, is simple, "When a car owner pays for five years of protection, we must deliver five years of protection, not a day less. KlarShield delivers just that."

While Klartech Detailer's working area looks tip-top, the waiting lounge for its customers is just as well-appointed, too
Top-notch aftersales service

The team at Klartech Detailer is a meticulous bunch, as we can tell from just stepping into its extensively-curated facility. The brightly-lit and beautifully designed facility feels like an aesthetic clinic all ready to work on a new coat of shine for your car.

The team at Klartech Detailer shares that its studio is kept as clean as their own homes (if not cleaner) because to them, a clean studio is a happy studio. And they want to ensure that all customers who visit will feel it too.

And it isn't just the team's working area; the lounge within its facility is extremely well-furnished, too. This is to ensure that customers have a comfortable place to work with free WiFi, or just sit back and relax while their rides are being attended to with a range of hot and cold beverages, all complimentary on the house.

Assured protection for your car's paintwork with Klartech Detailer starts from a very affordable $588
Packages priced right

The KlarShield Silver coverage assures you of two years of paintwork protection and brilliance; and it costs just $588 - including big sized cars. If you think about it, that is just $0.80 cents a day.

If you consider the professional level of assurance that Klartech Detailer provides, along with the skills and expertise behind paint protection, it is absolutely worth it.

Klartech Detailer is located at 18 Boon Lay Way, #03-118 Tradehub 21 Singapore (609966). Check out its KlarShield Paint-Protect Assurance Programmes at its Facebook page or website. Klartech Detailer can be reached at 6665 5678 / 8686 5678 / 8683 5678.
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