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The latest BMW 7 Series goes under the knife for the sake of necessary enhancements, inside and out. Here's what you need to know about the facelifted 7er.

15 Apr 2019

The BMW 7 Series recently got facelifted and it has been impressively improved on several grounds for the sake of enhanced comfort and refinement.

Admittedly, these might have been characteristics that the Bavarian marque have been lacking compared to rivals from Audi and Mercedes-Benz, even if it leads the segment with its dynamic capabilities on the road.

Here are some the things you have to know about the facelifted BMW 7 Series.

Comfort is the name of the game when you're behind the wheel of the 7 Series
1. Comfort. It's all about comfort

Being a flagship sedan isn't an easy task and carmakers know this.

Thus, they face a rather challenging task that forces them to come up with design, comfort and engine enhancements that will put them at the forefront in their respective segments.

BMW is no exception. And we don't mean it in a bad way. In fact with its facelifted 7er, BMW has upped its comfort ante by adding sound insulation around the rear wheel arches and having thicker glass windows, laminated to 5.1mm, for the windscreen, side and rear windows.

An airplane-style table can be set up easily for those who need to work on the go
2. The refinement. That holy-moly refinement

On that comfort note, there's also refinement. More than you possibly know what to do with it. For starters, the cabin has been revamped and revived. It now sports exlusive nappa leather with extended quilting to cosset you. Also, the interior now has new trimmings on its dashboard, which gives it that exceptional refinement it was lacking before.

Then there is that rear seat entertainment with high definition display that will fully entertain and satisfy the most demanding critics. And for the chauffeured workaholics, there's a table you can conveniently take out from the centre console to get work done. And in absolute comfort, might I remind you.

Grille size has been increased for the sake of presence
3. And there's presence. Never forget about presence

In order for this to happen, BMW engineers and designers came together to ensure that the latest flagship sedan gained an edge over its peers, not just by enlarging its signature kidney grille, but also by lenthening the car by 22mm and having a 50mm taller front end.

More than that, the 7 Series now sports a more imposing front bumper with large trim surfaces and chrome edging, giving it that much needed authoritative look it deserves. Understandably, these do not seem like much, but when added together, they do their job well to make the 7 Series more… significant.

Head and legroom is ample even for full-sized adults
4. Ah, space. How could we forget space

Just as significant as its presence is the 7er's space. As expected of a flagship sedan, space is the royal order of the day.

You get ample head, leg and shoulder room for even three at the back, which could quite simply mean that a pint-sized driver like myself would be able to enjoy Rolls-Royce levels of space all round.

On a serious note, the 515 litres of boot space will certainly see to a couple of Callaway golf bags and additional hand-carry gear. After all, it's a BMW 7 Series. Need I justify more?

Simple yet sophisticated taillights make the 7 Series a very modern-looking sedan
5. Modern. The car somehow looks more modern

Obviously, what I do not need to justify is the way the car looks. Yes, the grille may have gone a touch too far, methinks, but honestly with slimmer and slicker headlamps taking the frontal stage, the 7er looks the part of a very modern car. Couple this with slim rear lights and a sharply defined slim light strip that connects the taillights and what you get is a sophisticated sedan that's befitting of a flagship status.

You know what else is modern? It's the hardworking yet smooth engine underneathe the 7er's bonnet. Admittedly, we may have only tried the 750Li xDrive, which has 4.4-litre V8 powerplant pumping out 530bhp and 750Nm of torque, but with what we've experienced, we're quite certain that the other variants that Singapore is getting such as the 730Li and 740Li are capable of performing well enough to go against anyone in its segment.

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