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Featuring the latest Shinobi technology, the Dunlop SP Sport LM705 is the go-to tyre if you are looking for a quiet and comfortable ride.

22 Nov 2019

For many of us, the daily drive is a bit of alone time and a welcome respite from the stresses of home and work, but road noise and a rattling car can threaten to put an end to any enjoyable drive.

Put an end to stressful motoring with Dunlop's newest tyre
Thankfully, Dunlop's newest tyre seeks to put an end to the stresses associated with driving by learning from the masters of Japanese covert operations, the Ninjas.

By developing a host of new Shinobi (Japanese for Ninja) technologies within their latest tyre, Dunlop hopes those looking for a quieter and more comfortable ride will now have a tyre that mirrors the quiet yet swift style of the Japanese master assassins.

Engineered and manufactured in Japan

Produced by Dunlop's Miyazaki and Shirakawa manufacturing plants in Japan, the new SP Sport LM705 replaces the LM704 in Dunlop's lineup, and now features a redesigned thread pattern.

Redesgined thread pattern on the SP Sport LM705 promises greater comfort and a quieter drive
Road noise typically occurs as a result of the compression of air between the grooves of a tyre, so the new pattern now comprises of a larger number of smaller blocks, minimising this source of noise and allowing for a greater dispersion of shocks from the road in order to suppress vibrations.

Better still, the new profile has also been designed to give the tyre a rounder footprint, so that the tyre contacts the road in a gradual pattern from the centre outward.

Very much like how Shinobi would make less noise when tiptoeing as opposed to stomping around, a gradual contact with the road surface likewise softens shocks and suppresses vibration produced between the road and tyre contributing to a quieter, smoother ride.

All this means that you get a quieter ride when driving on poor surfaces. Dunlop's own tests have found that the new SP Sport LM705 delivers up to a 24% decrease in vehicle interior road noise, and a 26% decrease in vehicle interior pattern noise, when compared to its predecessor.

Flexible sidewall

Flexible sidewall allows the tyre to effectively absorb shocks from the road
Beyond just reducing noise, the new tyre also features a new, more flexible sidewall, which now allows it to more effectively absorb shocks from the road in order to deliver a more confortable ride.

Dunlop's own tests show that the new tyre can decrease vertical axial force input by as much as 10% when driving over bumps, delivering you a smoother more comfortable ride.

Unique groove wall serrations

Serrations within the groves of the tyre help to curb noise generated when driving at high speeds
Dunlop has also utilised the latest in tyre design technology to further cut on the noise generated by the new tyre.

The SP Sport LM705 features a unique groove wall serration that controls the flow of air over the thread surface, further helping to curb noise generated by the air surrounding the tyre when driving at high speed.

A tyre for everyone

The new SP Sport LM705 is available in 51 different sizes ranging from 13 to 20-inches. With many sizes specifically chosen to fit those of the most popular sedans and SUVs, and a five-year warranty from the date of installation, the SP Sport LM705 is truly a tyre designed to make comfortable driving available to everyone.

Now if only there was a tyre that could also cure traffic jams.

Dunlop SP Sport LM705 can be purchased through the distribution partners of Dunlop, Binter & Co. Pte Ltd. For more information, visit the Dunlop Singapore website here or contact Binter & Co. at 6345 7611
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Dunlop SP Sport LM705



Designed to provide tangible handling comfort, softens shocks and suppresses road surface vibrations by adopting the new profile.

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