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Whether you're looking for hourly or daily rentals, Car Lite's suite of convenient and flexible rental options is here to solve your motoring woes!

18 Jan 2020

Whether you need a car to impress your date, or to ferry your in-laws around for just one weekend, Car Lite is here to bring accessible motoring right to your doorstep.

We take a look at Car Lite is all and about, and just how easy it is to hitch a ride from them!

What is Car Lite?

Getting a car is simple with Car Lite's dedicated website
Car Lite is a car sharing platform designed to give you all the convenience and go-anywhere ability that comes with owning a car, without any of the hassles. While most car rentals charge by the day at minimum, Car Lite allows you to book a car from as little as 15 minutes, making it ideal if you need a car for just a quick event or for only a few trips.

Furthermore, with a fleet of cars at the ready and parked at 80 different locations at multi-storeys throughout Singapore, so you never need to travel far to collect a car, unlike say, renting from a traditional car rental firm with only one or two storefronts.

Booking a car is done entirely online and is quick and easy thanks to personalised accounts that automatically handle all billing processes, so you can get quick access to a car near you even in the most awkward hours of the night.

Step into your car with minimum fuss!

Simply follow the instructions when returning the car, and billing is processed automatically
Once you find the car you have booked, you need only to take a few pictures of the car and you are good to go! The car is unlocked via the website and it even features a built-in system for filing any complaints or reporting any damages to the car, so you need not even fear having to pay for damages not caused by you.

And once you are done with the car, simply return the car back to its designated multi-storey, snap a few pictures, lock the car and you are good to go as well!

Affordable car sharing

Drive off in a Mazda6 from as little as $2.80 per 15 minutes
Another great plus of car sharing is that the costs of maintaining a car become spread across a larger group of users, so you do not incur high personal costs to get to where you need to!

Prices start at only $1.00 per 15 minutes of use at the first tier of Car Lite's sharing scheme, enough to get you behind the wheel of a Toyota Vios or a Honda Fit, with weekly rates starting from just $420!

And for those looking for something a little roomier, stepping up to the fifth tier of the car sharing scheme will put you behind the wheel of models such as the popular Mazda6, or the family hauling Toyota Wish, from just $2.80 per 15 minutes, or at a weekly price of $620!

A quality sharing experience

With more parking locations planned, those joining the car sharing scheme can look forward to greater convenience in the future
Car Lite is dedicated to building a quality car sharing experience for its customers. Those that have rented cars from less reputable rental companies will know how irritating it can be to pay for a rental, only to receive it in a dirty state and then have to clean up a car that is not yours. Car Lite seeks to eradicate such issues from the sharing experience, with a dedicated team of cleaners that travel throughout the island constantly refreshing the entire fleet of cars.

sgCarMart is informed that the cars get cleaned and refreshed at minimum once every week, while the booking site also comes with its own reporting system so cars that get dirtied or see greater than normal use will also receive a more intense cleaning schedule.

Better still, with Car Lite, there is no need to fear for breakdowns when car sharing. An emergency hotline button is available to contact Car Lite's 24-hour hotline service, and with Car Lite's massive fleet and multiple locations where cars are awaiting bookings, you can be rest assured that a replacement car is always nearby for you to access.

An expanding fleet

Car Lite is seeking to expand its business to reach out to more people through more locations and via a larger fleet of cars. With anywhere from five to 10 cars being added into the sharing fleet every month, those that join the ride sharing scheme have plenty to look forward to in the future.

Learn more about Car Lite's car sharing scheme here. Or check out its fleet and prices on its website here!

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