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With custom fitting and high quality materials, Matters Custom is a top-notch outfit that produces the best car mats for your rides.

05 Feb 2020

Car mats are perhaps the easiest indicator of a car's cleanliness. We're sure you've noticed misaligned, crumpled or dirty car mats, and it usually isn't a nice sight.

While vacuuming car interiors ever so often will solve the problem, there is an easier solution. Matters Custom, with its visually appealing, easy to maintain, customised car mats.

Why car mats matter

Customised to fit, Matters Custom has a wide range of car mats for most popular makes and models
Too many a time we see car owners who stack carpets on top of each other, in a bid to not only protect the original ones, and that it adds more protection from dirt.

Not only is it dangerous as foot pedals might get stuck between the carpets; it does nothing to protect a car's interior against spills and dirt.

While replacement car mats are commonplace and easily purchased, the problem is that they don't fit correctly, and constantly move from their original positions.

Through feedback from customers and research and development, Matters Custom has created car mats that solve these issues many have faced.

For every car, customised

Matters car mats provide full coverage, with its unique design ensuring that all areas that encompass the footwell is protected
Matters Custom understands that there isn't a one-size-fits-all car mat that exists. Here's where its car mats make a difference.

Matters car mats offer full coverage. The Matters 5D car mats extend even vertically towards the doors and seats, ensuring that dirt, grime or a spill doesn't touch the actual floor of the car.

This is possible as Matters Custom, using 3D scanning tools, professionally measures each and every car.

The reason why every make and model is digitally scanned is due to the fact that different variants of the same model may have different footwell dimensions. Hence, Matters Custom makes sure that its mats fits the unique curvature of your your car perfectly.

The Matters 6D car mats feature an additional coiled layer that is locked firmly into place, preventing slippage
For those looking for even more added protection, the Matters 6D car mats feature an additional, high-quality coiled layer on top, locked safely into place to prevent slipping.

While these mats offer added protection, they look good, too. And with customised fittings, they visually compliment every car's interior.

A high quality product

While car mats can come in all shapes and sizes, the materials used do matter.

Poor quality materials might prove not to be waterproof, end up with stains and in our climate of intense heat and humidity, emit a bad odour.

By using high quality materials in its construction, the car mats offered by Matters do not emit a bad odour, a common issue with cheaper mats
The car mats that face such issues use a lower grade Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam. Using poor quality synthetics will emit the common rubbery smell most associated with car mats.

To prevent this, Matters Custom uses higher quality EVA foam that does not emit any bad odour, even when exposed to high temperatures.

So far, its customers have been happy with their car mats, with no complaints.

As a testament to the level of quality, Matters Custom has even extended its car mat offerings to authorised dealers, too. There's a chance that your new car might just come with car mats customised specifically by Matters.

It isn't just mats

Other customised products that Matters Custom offers are its Aegis range of car key covers, with high quality Alcantara inserts
True to the word 'Custom', Matters offers other customised products and accessories for your rides, too.

One of which is its Aegis range of key and steering wheel covers. Clad in high quality alcantara, it certainly freshens up the look of your keys or steering wheels, whilst offering protection from scratches and peels.

Adding on to that are door visors from Auto Clover. While functional, the visors also have added visual appeal especially for crossovers, as the visors extend to even the rear quarter windows.

Interested in getting car mats customised for your ride? Head on down to Matters Custom, located at 50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #01-24 First Centre, Singapore (555856). Alternatively, you can check out its Facebook page and website here. Matters Custom is open from Mondays to Saturdays, from 11:00am to 8:00pm.

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