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Like a trusted friend, this new app offers an experienced team to handle all of your car's maintenance and servicing needs, saving you time and money.

14 Aug 2020

For many, a car offers convenience in many ways; as a form of transport, carrying your barang-barangs, to ferrying your friends and family around.

However, there are inconveniences when it comes to car ownership. And one of which any car owner will experience is down time, from general servicing, major repairs and maintenance as well as periodic vehicle inspections.

AutoApp aims to take away the hassle of car maintenance with its suite of concierge services
While the inconvenience of carving time out of your busy schedule is a hassle, finding the right workshop for your car is another.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a knowledgeable friend you trust to bring your car for service, which knows what should be changed at every service interval - saving you time and hassle?

Well, there's a team who will do just that. And it all works from a single mobile application called AutoApp.

AutoApp handles all of your car's needs

AutoApp founders (from left) Alvin, Joel and Sheldon are car enthusiasts with a wealth of experience from the automotive industry
Launched in 2020 by Singaporeans, Alvin Tan, Joel Tam and Sheldon Trollope, AutoApp is your go-to mobile app when it comes to getting services for your car.

Essentially a concierge service, AutoApp offers pick up and drop off services for your car, with a host of services that can be done in just a few simple taps on your smartphone.

As car enthusiasts themselves, the team at AutoApp has a deep understanding of cars and the automotive landscape here in Singapore.

A personal service advisor at your doorstep

Once a booking has been made, an experienced service advisor will come to your doorstep to pick up your car
It isn't just a valet service, with a car jockey hired to pick up your car. AutoApp's concierge service goes above and beyond.

AutoApp's team of Service Ambassadors are in fact qualified service advisors with a wealth of experience from the automotive industry.

Which means you'll get the same handover process that authorised car workshops practice. You can then officially sign off the car to the caring hands of AutoApp's Service Ambassadors.

It is the same during the return process. You can then assess your own car with the detailed vehicle checklist taken earlier. Plus, there is an option for a contactless handover, with social distancing kept in mind.

A professional opinion on your car's health

The app includes a detailed vehicle checklist, assuring you that your car is in good hands upon handover
One thing us petrolheads would experience is a friend who asks you for advice and opinions on their car. Be it understanding the workings of parts, to a list of trusted workshops to go to.

But there's only so much we can explain. It is always best to seek a professional opinion. AutoApp offers that experience.

Like a trusted friend, AutoApp's experienced team of Service Ambassadors are able to take note of your enquiries, advising you accordingly with their vast automotive knowledge.

That makes them more informed on the requirements of your car; from being careful with driving your beloved car to speaking with mechanics and workshops on the maintenance required or recommended.

If you have any doubts on the required maintenance work on your car, you can chat directly with your Service Ambassador for an unbiased opinion
Which is why you have a direct line of communication with your Service Ambassador when your car is in AutoApp's care. If a workshop recommends a repair or replacement part, your Service Ambassador can tell you if it's something important, or perhaps something that can be done on the next service.

From the app, you can choose to proceed with the job order by selecting or removing items from the job order. Payment for services are all done through the app, as well.

AutoApp also keeps a full record of your car once you start using its service, which adds to the convenience. So you'll never miss out on rotating your tyres, or an air filter change on the recommended parts for replacement for the next service.

More than just car maintenance

A suite of other services are available on AutoApp, from installing accessories to even roadside assistance
AutoApp isn't just for routine car servicing.

The app can send your car for routine inspections. No more waiting in line during your lunch break just to get your car inspected. Get your car inspected with all the fees paid through AutoApp.

Thinking of installing an in-car camera? Or even window tinting perhaps? AutoApp has a network of providers that can get all these and more done for you without the hassle of researching on workshops and driving out yourself.

There are even breakdown or roadside assistance services available. In that situation, AutoApp connects you to the right recovery service tailored for your need - be it a tow, tyre or battery change.

Due for a service? AutoApp has you covered

AutoApp doesn't just save you the time taken to attend to your car's needs, it is a service that you can trust
AutoApp's car pick-up and delivery service starts from just $68. And the price includes insurance coverage so the owner's policy and No Claims Discount is unaffected should there be an unforeseen accident.

But don't worry. Your car will be in the best hands from the automotive industry, just like your petrolhead friend who cares about their car more than themselves.

It is more than a service for those with busy schedules, but one that you can trust when it comes to car maintenance.

AutoApp is free to use. Download it today from the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play store for Android devices.

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