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Skoda may have built itself a reputation for making sensible cars, but this Scala is so much more. Here are five reasons why it's worth getting excited over.

24 Mar 2021

Skoda may have built itself on a reputation for designing practical and spacious cars, but we think this new Scala is much more than that, and actually worth getting excited over.

Here are our top five reasons why the Skoda Scala is more than just a practical hatchback!

1. The Scala offers an eclectic style

The Skoda Scala does a good imitation of other low-slung premium estates, without their high asking prices
The Skoda Scala may have had its supermini underpinnings stretched to offer maximum interior space, but that does not mean it sports a disproportionate exterior.

In fact, to this writer's eyes at least, the Scala is one pleasing thing to look at, distilling just a small dose of that low-slung sleekness that premium estates offer, but without any of those premium pricetags.

And the car is graced with plenty of charming details as well. Standout exterior features include the full LED head lights (only available on 'Style' trim and above) which sport brand-typical crystalline elements, drawing refence to the long Bohemian history and expertise in manufacturing crystal glass.

And speaking of glass, the rear tailgate of the Scala also sports a distinctive extended rear window which bears the 'SKODA' lettering (also only available on higher trims), giving the car instant recognisability from the back.

2. You get sizable screens in the cabin

The 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit offers plenty of customisation
With instrument displays and infotainment screens in new cars growing ever-larger, the Skoda Scala does not fall behind the competition.

Up front of the driver is a 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit, offering high levels or legibility over all necessary driving information, while in the centre of the dashboard for 'Style' variants and above, you get Skoda's 8.0-inch 'Bolero' infotainment system.

Not only is the Virtual Cockpit said to be the largest in the class, it also offers a high level of customisability, so whether you're looking for a more traditional look with two roundels at either flank, or a sportier one with a central speedometer, you will not be disappointed.

3. The Skoda Scala is one safe machine

The head lights on the Scala are inspired by the Czech Republic's long history of producing crystal glass
Active safety features abound in the Skoda Scala. From City Emergency Braking to the Side Assist system, the Scala is well-equipped to minimise your chances of running into an accident on the road.

But, of course, these are features that you should preferably never have to activate.

There are, however, numerous safety systems in the car that any driver will be able to appreciate and use everyday. For a start, The Scala comes with LED dipped beams, daytime running lights, and tail, brake, and fog lights as standard across the range.

Opt for the higher trims and you'll also get LED cornering lights, ensuring maximum visibility even in the darkest of multi-storey carparks. And to ensure that others see you on the road, the higher trim Scalas are also equipped with dynamic indicators. These will ensure that your driving intentions are clearly communicated to those around you, even in poor weather.

4. The Scala will offer up driving kicks, at minimal cost

1.5-litre four-cylinder offers plenty of power, and it can deactivate two cylinders to save fuel during low-load conditions
With 148bhp and 250Nm from its turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder, the Skoda Scala is no slouch off the lights. However, that doesn't mean you'll be facing a steep fuel bill.

For a start, the Scala's engine utilises Active Cylinder Technology to shut down two cylinders under low-load conditions to minimise fuel consumption, so you get the fuel economy of a smaller engine, yet paired with the power of all four cylinders should the situation calls for it.

5. A supercomputer was used to optimise the Scala's aerodynamics

Also contributing to the Scala's fuel efficiency are aerodynamically optimised wheels. These wheels have been designed with the help of advanced simulations performed by a supercomputer in order to achieve a good balance of brake cooling and reduced drag, while still delivering on style.

Cut outs in the front bumper direct air across the flank of the car to reduce inefficient turbulence generated from the front wheels
And the rest of the car has not gone unnoticed. The Scala makes extensive use of underbody covers, in order to channel air under the car smoothly, for example.

There are also unique 'Air Curtains' that cut into the side of the front bumper, which also smooth air travelling across the flank of the car to minimise inefficient turbulence.

This means that you can look forward to decent fuel economy, even if you are going to travel numerous highway miles!

Looking for pactical yet exciting motoring in one compact package? Look no further than the Skoda Scala.

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