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Veloce Global's compact, waterless, wireless and heatless aromatherapy diffuser allows you to scent anywhere you go!

20 Aug 2021

Traffic getting on your nerves? Having a stressful day?

Or perhaps you're looking to freshen up your car a little? Veloce has just the gadget to uplift your driving experience. 

Re-Define Your Driving Experience

The diffuser is available in either Diamond Black, Pearl White, or this striking English Red
If you're looking to bring a little relaxation into your daily drive or even create a luxury ambience, Veloce diffuser is a must-have! Not only do they offer aromatherapeutic scents that can improve your wellbeing, the diffuser's sleek design also adds a continental touch to your car interior.

It's portable, so you can bring the diffuser around effortlessly from your car to your home, #wfh spaces, offices, anywhere, anytime! Plug in your favourite essential oil, and you're ready to scent.

Opt for the Diamond Black if you want a modern and extravagant look. Choose the Pearl White for a minimalist feel - it's timeless. Then, there is also the English Red that reminds you starkly of a supercar. Which one will you go for?

Easy and Safe To Use 

Being waterless means Veloce's diffuser won't leave mould festering in your car, even with prolonged use
Being waterless and wireless, using it is also hassle-free! Forget about dealing with water spillage, or foul smells from overnight water. And one additional bonus from being waterless: It won't leave your car interior damp and leave it at risk of mould growth. 

With a battery life of up to 80 hours, this gadget works effectively like your phone. Simply charge for three to four hours and you can use it for a few days without any wires - this means more USB ports for your other devices in the car!

Veloce diffuser also has an adjustable snoozing function that diffuses at intervals so you can control the intensity of the scent based on your preference. It is also equipped with a safety function that switches the device off after two hours. There's no need to worry even if you leave it in your car and forget about it.

A wide choice of long-lasting scents

With over 20 different scents to choose from, you're sure to find plenty of your own favourites
Proudly manufactured in Singapore, Veloce's essential oils are only extracted from premium ingredients, ethically sourced from around the world.

Get spoiled with 20 scents to pick from! Options range from classics like Lavender and Lemongrass, to popular blends that are highly sought after such as Rose and Pamplemousse, Bluebell and Sea Sage and Salt.

Or, you can also try more avant-garde options like those from Veloce's Signature range, which are inspired by Singapore icons such as Orchard Ion, Shangri La and Changi Airport! And for the perfume-lovers, there are also impressions of some of the most popular perfumes available! Be sure to check them out!

Did you know? Not only are the scents fragrant, the essential oils also offer healing properties like easing of stress, lifting of mood, promoting alertness, increasing happiness etc that can uplift your wellness?

Replacing the oil is a simple, one-step process with no risk of spills or leakage
Each bottle of essential oil lasts approximately two to three months on average, definitely giving you the best bang for your buck! Saves you loads of money in the long run too. 

Win a new Apple 24-inch iMac!

Stand a chance to win the latest 24-inch iMac with every $50 spent on their website: Contest ends on 31 August 2021. Be sure to follow them on Instagram (@veloceglobal) and Facebook (@veloceglobalbrand) for the announcement of the winner! 

Support Local Hawkers And Help The Elderlies In Need

#ScentACause - Project Belanja! is an initiative by Veloce to support local hawkers, elderlies and others in need. With every order purchased, Veloce will be 'belanja-ing' a meal on your behalf to someone who needs it, and at the same time, help a hawker out by buying a meal from them. The founders will also be donating an additional meal with every five essential oils purchased. 

About The Brand (The Founders)

Jeff and Alicia would love to bring you happiness and elevate your well-being through aromatherapy!
Veloce is a home-grown luxury aromatherapy wellness brand founded by a Singaporean couple, Jeff and Alicia, who love exploring aromatic scents and believe strongly in #selfcare. Through the therapeutic and healing benefits of aromatherapy, they hope to bring you happiness and elevate your wellbeing. As they always say, #positivevibes only.

Big on charities, they aim to support as many meaningful causes as they can. "As we enjoy aromatherapy scenting, we hope to spread the love and care to someone in need too."

Veloce extends a warm welcome to all sgCarMart readers into the scenting community! Start scenting and stay safe!

Check out Veloce's online store now!
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