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With two well-equipped locations both staffed by highly trained technicians, Autobacs is the go-to, worry-free location to solve your motoring issues!

03 Dec 2021

From daily recitals of the Autobacs promise to morning exercises and learning how to say 'thank you' in Japanese, Autobacs does not hold back on training its staff to deliver the highest customer service.

But you can expect so much more than just friendly smiles and greetings when heading down to Autobacs.

With two locations in Singapore both filled to the brim with new tyres, rims, and lubricants, and both able to deliver on any servicing needs or vehicle repairs, Autobacs has what it takes to meet the needs of any motorist!

The one-stop solution for all vehicle repairs and servicing needs

Large windows allow you to check on the progress of your vehicle as it gets serviced
Quality service starts even before you leave your house at Autobacs. With two locations here in Singapore, one at Ubi for those in the East, and one at Bukit Batok for those in the West, you won't have to travel far to visit your nearest outlet.

Both of its locations are also able to cater to a wide range of servicing and maintenance needs for any vehicle.

These include anything from a regular oil and filter change servicing to vehicle inspections, as well as repairs to the vehicle mechanicals or air-conditioning system. You can also get tyre puncture repairs, tyre rotations or a recalibration of your car's suspension alignment, there's so much that can all be done at either Autobacs location!

Find any accessories or essentials for any car

Autobacs stocks a wide range of tyres so you're sure to get something to fit your budget and vehicle
Whether you're looking for new accessories for your car, or to replace worn items such as tyres or wipers, Autobacs also stocks anything a motorist might need.

Looking for new tyres? With the latest tyres from brands including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear or Michelin, all at Autobacs, you're sure to find something to suit your budget and vehicle type.

So, if your tyres are looking a little bald, why not head down to the nearest Autobacs outlet to shop for your next set of tyres?

Or perhaps you drive something performance oriented and want to get the best there is when it comes to lubrication for your engine? Why not try out Autobacs' in-house engine oil? Developed in collaboration with its motorsport team ARTA, it is sure to deliver you the engine performance and protection you need!

And if you're looking for car accessories, Autobacs has plenty in store just waiting for you. Be it car fresheners or wipers to steering wheel covers and paint repair pens alongside any kind of grooming product, odds are Autobacs will stock just what you need. Its shelves are also restocked and its accessries lineup updated every month with with fresh imports straight from Japan, so if it's the latest trending accessories that you're looking for, Autobacs is your best bet!

An air-conditioned waiting area and friendly service staff

There's a wide selection of rims as well, if you're keen on giving your car a new look
Tired of waiting at a kopitiam while your car gets serviced or repaired? Autobacs has you covered.

Both its locations come with a nice air-conditioned lounge area for customers to wait, so you can sit back and relax, get yourself a drink, or even get some work done while your car gets serviced.

There's also huge windows that look out onto the servicing bays at the waiting area, so if you're the sort that needs to keep a lookout over your beloved ride as it gets attended to make sure it is being properly cared for, Autobacs is the perfect location for you to get your car serviced!

Japanese-trained technicians, equipped for any situation

Get Autobacs' own line of in-house developed engine oil if you're here for a service
Not that you'd have much reason to keep an eye out for your car at Autobacs.

With its technicians all receiving regular training from Autobacs Japan, you can have the highest assurance that those working on your car are always up-to-date with the latest technology and can carry out all their work to the highest quality.

Keep a lookout for the certifications of its head technicians the next time you head down to one of its outlets!

Hybrid cars welcome

Relax in air-conditioned comfort while you wait
Drive a hybrid vehicle and not sure where to find experts to service your car's electrified drivetrain? You'll be glad to know that Autobacs Singapore is also able to service hybrid vehicles and repair any hybrid-vehicle issues.

As is the Autobacs way, the firm has trained its staff and installed the necessary equipment at its locations so any kind of issue pertaining to a hybrid vehicle can be properly diagnosed and rectified on site.

This means that you not only will be able to get replacement of cleaning of your hybrid fan motor and filters, but if need be, even get the entire battery pack removed, cleaned, and replaced if necessary.

Large enough to cater to both corporate and retail customers

Autobacs is equipped to diagnose and rectify any hybrid battery issues
With plenty of servicing bays at both locations as well as the parts in store, and the logistical network to match, Autobacs is well equipped to support both commercial fleets and individual retail customers through their entire car ownership journey.

So, whether you have an entire fleet of vehicles at your disposal as part of your business operations, or simply want to get your personal family car serviced to the highest standard, head down to your nearest Autobacs location and see for yourself just how easy getting your car needs met can be! From the team at Autobacs, "Arigato gozaimas!"

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