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Unlike typical ceramic coatings, Supagard's Advanced Polysilazane Coating can last up to 5 years without the need for any special care or maintenance.

06 May 2022

Once expensive and mostly reserved for high-end cars, ceramic coating has become one of the first thing that drivers go for after collecting their new cars. These days, there's a plethora of ceramic coating choices, ranging from more budget-oriented options to top-of-the-line products from well-known brands, which claims to offer incredible toughness and protection to your car's paint.

But how do you know which shop to go to? Well, the application of a ceramic coating is quite an art, it require a fair bit of skill, workmanship and patience, and more importantly, a good product. This is where Supagard, a premium coating brand from UK comes into the picture.

Supagard Bionic Technology maintenance-free range of coating with Polysilazane

Supagard's Bionic Technology coating is specially developed for hot and humid climates
Supagard's latest coating is part of the company's Bionic Technology family of products designed to offer market-leading protection, offering extraordinary strengths, powers, capabilities and endurance.

This range of coating had specially been designed for use in hot and humid climates such as Singapore.

Containing Polysilazane, Supagard's ceramic coating is like no others. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including the plastic and rubber trims that make up the exterior of a car, furthermore, it bonds and cures quickly - unlike other coatings, you do not have to worry about the freshly coated surface coming into contact with the rain.

Once Supagard's coating has been professionally applied, it will last for five years
Supagard's coating is truly maintenance free, it will last for five years under typical conditions without the need for any touch up or maintenance sessions.

It also has self-healing properties, where the application of heat would allow light swirls and scratches on the coated surface to mend itself - just apply hot water or park under the sun!

As the best sign of confidence in the quality of its coating, Supagard Singapore even offers a two years guarantee on all coating done, if there is any loss of shine, hydrophobic properties, or even marks due to bird droppings, it will provide a free touch up service to resolve the issue.

Supagard Professional - coating that are applied by professionals only

Supagard's products are preferred by many car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz in the U.K.
Ceramic coatings are available in several forms, while some brands offer DIY kits where car owners and budding detailers could get hands-on to coat their own cars, Supagard's quality coatings can only be installed by trained and certified installers to ensure the best possible result.

The strict quality control of its products is why Supagard is the preferred partner of many car manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo and many others in the U.K.

During the installation of a ceramic coating, preparation work is of utmost importance - the end result is directly affected by the finish of the paintwork before the coating is even applied.

Proper knowledge of the product is also crucial, especially with such coatings that are designed only for professionals. Intimate knowledge of the curing time and application process is required to achieve the glossy protective layer of coating.

Reliance Auto Services - Supagard Turf City's meticulous coating process

The meticulous coating process starts with a thorough wash
Hence, Reliance Auto Services - Supagard Turf City always completes the necessary steps during a coating job.

It starts with a thorough wash of the car, followed by a two to three step (or more, depending on the paint condition) paint correction process, the car will then be washed and then decontaminated with isopropyl alcohol.

Finally, the coating is then meticulously applied by the professional detailers which have been trained by Supagard U.K. themselves.

Reliance Auto Services invests in quality equipment to achieve the best results
Apart from the skilful detailers, Reliance Auto Services also invests in quality equipment such as Rupes polishing machines to achieve a consistent and satisfactory finish for every single car that comes into the shop.

With such attention to detail, it is no wonder that Reliance Auto Services - Supagard Turf City has a pool of loyal customers who choose to have their subsequent cars coated here.

Supagard Singapore - Reliance Auto Service is located at 210 Turf Club Road Lot B77 Car Mall @ The Grandstand, Singapore 287995. It is open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00am to 7:00pm. You can reach it at 8788 4045 or check out its Facebook page for more information.

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