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Diesels were the go-to for maximum efficiency, and a lower cost to refuel. With the recent hike in fuel prices, is it a good time to look into a diesel car now?

07 Jun 2022

Like their petrol counterparts, diesel engines also combust a mix of fuel and air in order to produce power. However, unlike petrol engines, diesels do not rely on a spark plug to ignite the mixture. Instead it does so by compressing the mixture till it spontaneously ignites, resulting in extremely high fuel efficiency.

Diesel engines are also known for their high levels of torque. Combine these two traits and it isn't difficult to understand why commercial vehicles here tend to run on diesel. But, well, if you were in the market for something that's able to haul a full load, be it passengers or cargo, all while sipping on fuel that costs lower than others, maybe a diesel is what you want. So, here are some brand new diesel-powered cars (in descending order of fuel consumption) which offers a fuel economy of more than 16km/L that you should consider.
Mercedes-Benz V-Class Diesel

Having a diesel engine to move this massive luxury MPV around is the best way to ensure efficiency and a massive range.
Price: $347,000 - $374,000
Horsepower: 161bhp (V220d) / 236bhp (V300d)
Torque: 380Nm (V220d) / 500Nm (V300d)
Fuel Consumption: 16.9km/L (V300d)
Fuel Cost per 50km: $9.00

Why you should get one:
Yes, the V-Class. You might be more familiar of the panel van version of it, the Vito. The V-Class is a large luxury MPV, which if you ask me, is pretty much like a minibus with much more style within. With the V-Class, you'll get the seating capacity of typical MPVs, but much more space for your passengers to stretch their legs, which will prove to be useful on longer trips.

You'll also get to enjoy features, safety systems and a luxurious interior that you'll more often see in luxury sedans instead of large people-haulers. But all these come at a cost - a large size and heavy weight will result in poor fuel economy. But with the diesel engine, you'll be able to negate the effects. That's why, the V-Class diesel still achieves a fuel economy of 16.9km/L. Not too shabby, eh?
Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class Diesel

Seven-seater SUVs are all the rage, and the GLB is a pretty one to go for - there's a diesel variant available as well!
Price: $264,000 - $272,000
Horsepower: 188bhp
Torque: 400Nm
Fuel Consumption: 16.9km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $9.00

Why you should get one:
Seven-seater SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLB are really popular these days, they offer the option of seating up to seven, without the plain, boring designs that MPVs usually has. With the GLB, you'll get the same swanky interior that Mercedes-Benz is known for in recent years, and you also get a stylish, boxy exterior that reminds of the G-Class, which looks really cool.

The diesel variants that are brought in by Parallel Importers here are of the premium AMG Line trim level and are all equipped with 4MATIC, hence it isn't the most affordable GLB out there. Though you'll get to enjoy a luxurious ride, sporty design and great fuel economy should you opt for one.
Kia Sorento Diesel

The Sorento Diesel is available with high-tech features and semi-autonomous cruise control
Price: $189,999 - $224,999
Horsepower: 200bhp
Torque: 440Nm
Fuel Consumption: 16.5km/L - 17.5km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $8.80 - $9.30

Why you should get one:
The Sorento is an excellent seven-seater SUV that's packed with a vast suite of safety features. While many might associate diesel with low-tech commercial vehicles, the Sorento is nothing like that. On the outside, you'll get bold, sharp looks with muscle car-inspired design elements throughout.

Inside, you'll get to enjoy a digital instrument cluster and a widescreen touchscreen infotainment system. And while driving, you'll be readily assisted by plenty of systems, such as the Blind Spot View Monitor and a smart cruise control that allows the car to drive semi-autonomously. Oh, with its level of refinement, you might not even realise that it's a diesel!

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon / Coupe Diesel

The diesel E-Class is not only efficient, it is substantially cheaper than its petrol counterparts as well
Price: $259,000 - $291,000 / $310,000 (Coupe)
Horsepower: 192bhp
Torque: 400Nm
Fuel Consumption: 18.7km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $8.20

Why you should get one:
The E-Class is one of the default choices when shopping for an executive sedan. Comfort, luxury and class are all standard when you opt for an E-Class. You simply can't go wrong with Mercedes-Benz's best-selling model. If you want a two-door, there's also the E-Class Coupe to go for.

With the diesel variants, there are plenty of savings to be made, an E220d AMG Line from a Parallel Importer is priced almost $50,000 lower than the base E200 Avantgarde. And there's the diesel efficiency which means you'll be making less trips to the petrol kiosk, and pay less when filling the car up as well - all while enjoying the same level of luxury.
BMW 7 Series Diesel

A flagship sedan with a massive fuel tank can be costly to run, but that isn't the case for the 7 Series Diesel
Price: $431,000
Horsepower: 261bhp
Torque: 620Nm
Fuel Consumption: 18.8km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $8.10

Why you should get one:
The 7 Series is what you'll get if you want something that's a little larger to allow your rear passengers to really stretch out their legs. Being BMW's flagship sedan, you can expect plenty of luxurious features and an enjoyable ride. The only downside with such a huge luxo-barge lies in its fuel consumption.

You see, the 740Li which has a better fuel economy among the two petrol engine variants, only manages a less than impressive 12.7km/L. One solution to this, is to opt for the diesel, which saves the day with its impressive 18.8km/L. Couple that with its massive 78 litres fuel tank and you can probably drive to Kuala Lumpur and back, twice, before you'll need to top up.
Ssangyong Tivoli Diesel

The cheerful little Tivoli is also available in diesel form, promising even more savings!
Price: $139,888
Horsepower: 129bhp
Torque: 334Nm
Fuel Consumption: 19.2km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $8.00

Why you should get one:
First things first, forget what you thought of Ssangyong. While some of its past models had rather quirky designs, the Tivoli is a handsome compact SUV in the conventional sense, its simple design is easy to love.

Now, if you are wondering why you should even consider a diesel, the Tivoli would be the best example to explain it. By opting for the diesel variant, you'll save $20,000 up front, along with almost 5km/L improvement in fuel consumption, and the lower cost of diesel here. It's savings everywhere for you!
BMW 5 Series Sedan Diesel

The diesel variant of the 5 Series produces more torque than the top-of-the-line 530i M Sport!
Price: $266,000
Horsepower: 188bhp
Torque: 400Nm
Fuel Consumption: 20.8km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $7.40

Why you should get one:
Like the E-Class, BMW's 5 Series sedan needs no introduction. It is the E-Class' greatest rival, and it goes up against it with its own unique flair. Instead of a swanky interior and a focus on luxury, the 5 Series is more of a driver's car, offering an engaging drive, with a simple and well-built interior.

With the diesel variant you get to save some upfront cost, enjoy a better fuel economy and more torque than even a top of the line 530i M Sport variant. Sounds pretty good eh?
In the market for a diesel-powered car? Check out all the new diesel cars available!
*Fuel cost calculated with SPC Diesel at $3.06 per litre, fuel cost rounded up to nearest $0.10. Some images are not of the actual diesel variant.

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