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A bit bored by the typical white Mercs, we come up with a varied list of bridal cars that we think more accurately reflects what the car market has to offer.

12 Jul 2022

A wedding - life's most joyous (and stressful, and tiring, and unnecessarily expensive) affair - is arguably incomplete without a special, dedicated ride carrying out ferrying duties for the blissful couple from dawn to dusk.

Go-to cars like the old Beetle, while relatively timeless and charming, are becoming a bit cliche
Understandably, with all the moving parts going into the big day, many decide to fall back on a dependable name that effortlessly denotes luxury or old-school style. But while white Merc E-Classes (or C-Classes), original Beetles and Defender 90s get the job done just fine, they don't speak to the diversity of models that have slowly entered our market over the years. 

We're obviously a bit bummed to see that, so we've decided to take the matter into our own hands. From luxury badges to EVs, retro-styled cars to comfy workhorses - this list of alternative bridal cars promises to inject your wedding day (and wedding photos) with an extra bit of colour and fun. 

Audi A5 Sportback

For: Three-box devotees who want to push their comfort zone just a little bit 
Caveat: Headroom isn't going to be as good as in a proper C-Class or E-Class sedan  

An understated take, but a welcome one to be sure: Audi's approach to the fastback/four-door coupe
Ready to gingerly take a step out of the conventional options, but not ready to leave the three-box shape behind entirely? 

Fastbacks - or four-door coupes (we're confused with all the labelling at this point) - are a great first stop out of your comfort zone, since they essentially take the sedan form but throw in a more tapered roofline at the rear. Stylish, but not necessarily ostentatious, they're fully capable of exuding class and offering utility without shouting about it too - as the Audi A5 Sportback shows. 

Building on the coupe, the A5 comes with four proper doors (five, if we're counting the tailgate) in Sportback guise, allowing the bridal couple to be driven rather than drive themselves. Your wedding photographer can even ride along in the car and utilise the deep and wide-opening boot to store his or her extra bags. 

Check out our review of the Audi A5 Sportback here!

Porsche Cayenne 

For: Trend-chasers who appreciate some pedigree 
Caveat: Tell your driver to go easy on the pedal 

The Cayenne is among the forefathers of modern SUVs, and will ferry any couple around in speed and luxury
Porsches are exclusive machines. It's possible that some people go through life entirely without ever getting the chance to ride in one (much less drive one). If your wedding day is the rare occasion on which a bit of extravagance feels easier to justify, why not direct some of that to the Cayenne? 

Those seeking to leave the three-box (or three-box-inspired) behind will find a luxury-drenched, powerful, and - dare we say - good-looking bridal car in Porsche's current full-sized SUV. For reference, the Cayenne S variant you see here does 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds, and has dual-zone, independently controllable A/C for its rear passengers.

Furthermore, the Cayenne nameplate carries some heritage and prestige with it not just because of the Porsche badge; it was also one of the first performance SUVs ever - pre-Lamborghini Urus, pre-Aston Martin DBX and certainly pre-Ferrari Purosangue. A suitable option, then, for respectable couples who want to stay on trend.

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BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 

For: Atas oddballs 
Caveat: The traditionalists among your guests are likely to baulk at the car's shape

BMW calls the 6 Series GT 'individualist' - we think slightly more adventurous couples might like this
Neither MPV nor SUV; neither wagon nor sedan. Honestly, it's still not clear what BMW was trying to achieve with the 6 Series Gran Turismo from a design standpoint.

As the firm itself describes the car, however, this is something of an individualist. The impossible-to-place oddball shape means that your bridal car is sure to elicit a few double takes as its waiting at the red Unloading/Loading lots at the crack of dawn, or pulling up to the grand lobby of a hotel along Orchard Road.

Since the 6 Series GT shares the same wheelbase as the 5 Series, legroom should certainly suffice for the most elaborate trains, or lankiest of grooms. Its luxury credentials will also be appreciated by the couple. Offered as standard on the car are Dakota leather, as well as rear-axle air suspension, fitted with automatic self-levelling for a cossetting, cushy ride. 

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Tesla Model 3 Sedan 

For: The eco-conscious, tech-worshipping couple 
Caveat: Your driver might want to get used to the car's functions the night before. Like the Cayenne, watch the pedal too. Finally, the car is so slippery, we're not sure how the attaching of flowers and ribbons will pan out.

The Model 3 brings a tech-y, sustainable slant to your big day - just be warned that decoration is likely to be minimal due to its slippery body 
The Tesla Model 3 presents itself as an interesting alternative to the conventional bridal car choices, not simply because of the general buzz that still follows the brand. Rather, without any engine note, its all-electric drivetrain also gives it a different sort of refinement.

Inside, the bridal couple shouldn't have to fight (already) for space in the car's airy-feeling, quite generously-sized cabin. The risk of falling asleep mid-ride is unlikely too, since the Model 3 is fitted with a full-length panoramic roof which floods the cabin with natural light. 

Best of all, thanks to the car's outstanding range, the designated driver won't have to worry about the car running of battery, no matter how many photo stops the couple has in between. Just remind him or her to go easy on the throttle. 

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Suzuki Jimny 

For: Defender 90 fans. Also - a beach-themed wedding…?
Caveat: The wedding couple will have to drive themselves

This Jimny has arguably similar appeal to the O.G. Defender, while offering a much easier drive 
If the original Land Rover Defender 90 is almost on par with cars like the Beetle and Volkswagen Kombi Van for weddings, what's stopping us from using the affable Suzuki Jimny as well?

While staying true to its kei car dimensions, the petite off-roader pulls off a muscled-up look confidently that brings it in line with said Defender and even Merc's G-Wagon. The entire car is a design exercise in geometric shapes, fronted by circular headlamps, a slatted black grille, and suffering no lack of right angles. What results is charming - perhaps even cutesy - but above all, certainly unforgettable. 

As a bonus, you'll have to worry less about not reaching the church/next venue on time if a flash flood does occur. The Jimny was built to be proper off-roader, comes with AWD, and has better ground clearance than most of the other options on this list (except for one we're getting to in a bit). But no matter the weather, this is bound to be a memorable bridal car. 

Check out our review of the Suzuki Jimny here!

Toyota Alphard 

For: A couple that wants to get properly pampered on the move
Caveat: Don't underestimate the power of badge snobs. Still, those who know will know - the Alphard is as good as limousines get.

Not all Toyotas are created equally, and the Alphard is more than capable as a grand wedding tourer
Among a common, unofficially acknowledged list of "Best people-movers ever created", the Toyota Alphard has always held a special place.

Passengers of the second row get their own Captain seats, which are not just electrically reclinable, but also come with ventilation. For grooms, this doesn't just mean a proper respite from the heat; they'll even have their tuxedos/suits cooled on the move. Meanwhile, brides need not fret that their make-up artists will rush over to touch their faces up (yet again) once they get out of the car, after already enduring hours in the chair.

Furthermore, moving from Point A to B in bulky get-ups will be far easier than anything on this list, thanks to those powered sliding doors which make entering and exiting the cabin effortless. As the Toyota Alphard shows, you don't need a premium badge to denote your first-class state of travel - just the right goodies packed into a functional shape and recognised name.

Check out our review of the Toyota Alphard here!

Jeep Gladiator 

For: Other Defender 90 fans. And bragging rights to possibly the largest bridal car you can get.
Caveat: Parking. Also, that 70km/h speed limit. 

Jeep's modern yet mean ute promises to be a standout part of any wedding it's used for 
Mind still lingering on the Defender, but still not really convinced by the Jimny? Why not drive down the rugged road a bit further down to another certified off-roader?

As you'd expect, the bonkers Jeep Gladiator has all the proper mechanical underpinnings - and smart modern-day electronics - to fight through mud and dirt. But the car marries this (hurhur) with indisputable visual aggression too, featuring stacks of ground clearance, massive tyres, and Jeep's iconic front fascia. 

Pair this with the Gladiator's pick-up truck silhouette and imposing five-metre-transcending length, and you've got a truly unique ride that makes even vintage Beetles look boring. How cool is a ute for a bridal car? This one will look good parked outside of a hotel lobby (in fact that's probably the only place it'll fit).

Check out our review of the Jeep Gladiator here!

Mitsuokas (yes - no further explanation or specification needed)

For: Those who like an old-school touch on modern cars 
Caveat: These are likely to be slightly trickier to find than everything else on our list 

The cutesy, retro-inspired Mitsuoka Viewt is actually just a Nissan March in disguise
Mitsuokas tend to divide petrolheads. The mimicry of classic designs itself may turn some people off, but there's also the criticism that the cars are technically unimpressive, since they borrow platforms and engines from what we'd consider run-of-the-mill models. 

Where everyone will concur - begrudgingly or otherwise - however, is on the ability of these cars to turn heads. Just take it from someone who's attended two weddings in which Mitsuokas starred - one was a silver Galue, and the other was a charming, metallic green Viewt similar to the one in the picture.  

It doesn't matter which part of Mitsuoka's line-up you go for. From the aforementioned, compact Viewt, all the way to the six-eyed Nouera, the same promise of a rarefied, retro-like bridal car remains… That is, of course, if you actually manage to find one.
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