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A used car purchase can come with pitfalls such as hidden expenses for repairs. Find out how the Sgcarmart Warranty helps you to mitigate these pain points.

26 Nov 2022

The purchase of a used car, instead of a new one, is often a smart financial decision. Letting the car's previous owner(s) take the depreciation hit first translates to savings for your bank account.

But not all is fine and dandy. Used cars can potentially come with ruinous repair bills. There have been cases reported in the media of defective cars with repair bills amounting to thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime within a few days of car purchase.

You never know if your used car purchase turns out to be a lemon with ruinous repair bills
A car that appears to be in seemingly good condition at time of purchase might turn out to be a lemon, thus frequently turning people away from the purchase of a used car.

Introducing the Sgcarmart Warranty

With the Sgcarmart Warranty, you can be rest assured that you can mitigate these risks in a convenient yet efficient way. With a small financial outlay, you will be able to mitigate a potentially huge financial outlay if your vehicle's health goes south for up to two years or 20,000km/year.

Coming with a vehicle inspection, comprehensive coverage of more than 100 of your vehicle's parts and full backing by the Toyota Group of companies, you can have peace of mind about the condition of the car.

The Sgcarmart Warranty provides coverage of more than a 100 vehicle parts, along with full backing by the Toyota Group of companies
Furthermore, the Sgcarmart Warranty is also backed by ECICS, which is a fully licensed general insurer under the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This is unlike most warranties on the market that are not backed by insurers regulated by MAS.

Sounds good? If so, let us walk you through the process of attaining a Sgcarmart Warranty. Our customers have also chipped in to provide testimonials about the ease and value of the warranty.

The pre-purchase process

First, check on whether your desired car has a Sgcarmart Warranty label on it. Then, check with the dealer of said car if the car has passed inspection and is certified to be fault free. The dealer will then arrange for an inspection of the vehicle. Bear in mind that the vehicle has to pass Sgcarmart's inspection to be warrantied.

Your vehicle has to pass Sgcarmart's inspection to qualify for the Sgcarmart Warranty
If a dealer is unwilling to include the Sgcarmart Warranty, you may purchase the warranty directly from Sgcarmart, and send the vehicle down for an inspection. After your car has passed the inspection and received an Inspection Pass Certificate, you or your dealer can activate the Sgcarmart Warranty.

Do bear in mind that the car must also be registered under 15 years with less than 200,000km of mileage. The warranty also does not cover cars from Citroen, Daihatsu, Fiat, Hafei, Geely, Peugeot, Ssangyong or electric cars.

A Sgcarmart Warranty holder, Mr. Swee, voiced his satisfaction with PIT & GO, stating that the staff were able to advise him on problems the car had after giving it a thorough inspection. He also felt that the process gave him peace of mind, having been made aware of the exact condition of the car. 

When an issue arises with your car, report said issue, then proceed to drive your car to PIT & GO for a car check
If you are interested in finding out how much the Sgcarmart Warranty will cost for a car that you are eyeing on, head over here for a free quote.

The claiming process

When an issue has arisen with your car, such as a breakdown, mechanical or electrical problem, you will need to call 6515 5888 to report the issue. Then, drive down your car to PIT & GO (Ricardo Auto Centre) and get your car checked.

If there are any repairs that are required under the duration of the warranty, they will be fully covered by Sgcarmart. The repair workshop will then bill Sgcarmart directly.

Any repairs that are required under the duration of the warranty will be fully covered by Sgcarmart
Mr. Nazarudin is able to attest to the value of the Sgcarmart Warranty. He encountered an oil pump and gearbox actuator failure in the first eight months of driving his used car. Fortunately, the Sgcarmart warranty that he had purchased ($1,000 for 2 years) covered the expense of the repairs.

Having already incurred close to $1,000 in repairs in just eight months, we believe that it would not be a stretch to say that the Sgcarmart Warranty will save him a considerable amount of money in the next 16 months.

Ask your preferred dealer for Sgcarmart Warranty
Remember to ask your dealer to include the warranty before you commit to the car purchase!
  • Eligible for all passenger cars less than 15 years old
  • You can get this warranty through most car dealers in Singapore
  • Partnership with PIT & GO, a fully backed workshop by the Toyota group of companies.

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