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With its four-door layout, handsome good looks and admirable handling, the Mercedes-AMG C 43 Sedan is one desirable car indeed.

28 Jun 2018

There is irrefutably something about the updated C 43 Sedan that makes it so desirable. While its coupe brethren proves to be the firmer and finer car to pilot on the back roads of Moselle, Germany, it's the sedan variant you see here that manages to capture our hearts.

3.0-litre biturbo V6 engine will churn out 390bhp and 520Nm of torque without any fuss

Oh, another C 43 model?

Just like the coupe variant that we've driven, the snappy 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 underneathe the sedan's bonnet is an exceptionally wonderful powerplant. But despite its capability of pumping out a thunderous 390bhp and knee-wrecking 520Nm of twisting force from the calling of your right foot, the C 43 Sedan feels a tad more controlled and wee bit more calm.

That's not to say it displays any forms of slack, though. Along and around Moselle's switchbacks, the car demonstrates high levels of agility and road-crushing stability that characterise the way it drives.

The car will smash the century sprint in 4.7 seconds

For starters, directional changes are done so in a manner that's astute and confident. This has largely to do with its talkative steering that never fails to let you know what's happening on the road and the fact that the car never fails to bite hard on the bitumen.

Secondly, you don't feel its heavy nose like how you would in a car with a V8 engine. Thus, it has a grounded and graceful character that will carry and maintain speed across borders without any falters.

Drivers can toggle the driving mode here

You can affect its behaviour, too. Toggle the driving mode to Sport+ and the ride firms up while the engine and and transmission do their part to sharpen their knives. In this said mode, exhaust flaps also open up to transform the beauty into a beast.

And when the time calls for it, the brakes will deliver enough stopping power to match its hard-hitting 4.7-second century sprint timing.

Good as gold whether it's in or out

Styling wise, considerations have been made to ensure the car is aerodynamically sound. With form meeting function, not only have the front and rear diffusers been tweaked to allow the car to cut through wind more efficiently, there is even a newly-designed rim that will help with that too.

Cabin isn't just driver-centric, it's a beauty in the flesh

Changes on the inside are slighty more obvious. Our test car came with the optional bigger-than-life 12.3-inch instrument cluster that matches the equally sizeable 10.25-inch media display that takes centre stage.

Everything here falls into place easily, such as the strategically placed buttons and controls that make this car more driver-centric than anything else. Also making things convenient for the driver are the new touchpad controls on the steering wheel that controls both the instrument cluster and media system.

480 litres of boot space is more than sufficient

Of course, the biggest difference between this sedan and its coupe sibling is the extra useable seats at the back. Just ike the regular C200 Saloon that we drove earlier, the C 43 Sedan provides sufficient head, leg and shoulder room. But with the transmission tunnel bulging up high in the centre, the car is best suited for two rather than three.

So the sedan or the coupe?

Like most things, such a choice is best left to the individual. If it was up to us, the sedan will, without a doubt, be our weapon of choice. As we've mentioned, while the C 43 coupe remains to be the firmer and finer car to pilot, it's the sedan variant you see here that manages to capture our hearts.

How often can you say that about a sedan?
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