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30 Mar 2021

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Lacklustre acceleration
Utilitarian interior
Fixed rear bench limits dimensions of rear cargo

Coming in with 522km of all-electric range, the BYD e6 is probably one of the EVs with the longest range that you can buy in Singapore.

To most of us, BYD is synonymous with electric vehicles - the original e6 was introduced as the first electric taxis on the roads here. In 2019, the e6 became available in Singapore as a passenger car. Developed with fleet-usage in the centre of its sights, it was an affordable and pragmatic choice of EV.

The all new e6 has now traded its boxy SUV-esque proportions for flowing lines, resulting in a pleasant-looking MPV. Thanks to BYD's expertise in battery technology, it also managed to gain a significant bump in range while losing quite a fair bit of weight.

Identity crisis no more

The BYD e6 is a pretty MPV that doesn't let on much about its futuristic powertrain
The original BYD e6 was a five-seater that's an amalgam of SUV, MPV and hatchback design cues. The new e6 is much clearer in this field - its proportions are that of a traditional MPV, elongated to offer plenty of room.

The new e6 is quite the looker - from its slim grille flanked by a pair of sharp head lights to its smooth flowing silhouette with a slightly tapered roofline. Save for the perforated section on the bumper, there isn't any excessive design cues that screams about its electrified drive. To the uninformed, the e6 looks just like another MPV.

In fact, the e6 is closely related to the BYD Song Max designed by former Audi Group Head Designer Wolfgang Egger, which has been lauded by the locals as one of the best-looking Chinese-manufactured MPV.

Spacious, practical and pleasant

Despite the copious use of hard plastics, the cleanly executed interior looks pleasant
And its good looks show on the inside too. While most of its interior trim pieces are made out of hard plastic and synthetic materials, the e6 manages a nice balance between utility and comfort.

You get a dashboard and door cards that are predominantly made out of hard plastic, a material that will survive countless years of use. However, bits like the armrests and the seats are trimmed with leather to soften the edge.

Taking centre stage is the new rotatable 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system on the dashboard, which also houses the climate control as well as various settings for the car.

The Android-powered infotainment system sports a polished and user-friendly interface
The Android-based infotainment system is smooth and easy to use with a clear and polished user interface. Tether your phone's WiFi connection to the head unit and your navigation needs can be met by Google Maps on the adequately-sized display.

With a total of four USB ports, two of which are conveniently located below the rear aircon vent, everyone can get their phones charged on the go in the e6.

Despite being a compact MPV, there's plenty of space for those in the rear. As a matter of fact, there's probably enough legroom for the average NBA player to travel in comfort.

With such legroom, you could probably sit on the rear floorboard if you wanted to
While the rear bench is fixed and offer no adjustability, the backrest is inclined at just the right angle for a relaxing ride. When it comes to cargo hauling capacity, the e6 has a respectable 580 litres to offer - 130 litres more than its predecessor.

The only downside here is that while there's enough boot space to fit a week's grocery and some, you'll be out of luck trying to fit longer cargoes such as a bicycle.

Smooth, relaxing drive

With a real-world range of well over 400km, range anxiety is pretty much irrelevant to the e6
On the go, the new e6 rids off any forms of range anxiety, thanks to BYD's Blade Battery that can be found powering the car. This said battery's optimised structure and higher energy density allows the new e6 to achieve an amazing range of 522km (WLTC City) while shaving off a considerable amount of weight.

Despite being 490kg slimmer than its predecessor, the new e6 weighs in at just under two tonnes. Unfortunately, propelled by a motor that puts out a paltry 94bhp and 180Nm of torque, it is almost always the last off the line unless you really put your foot down.

The well-sorted suspension results in a smooth and comfortable ride
During the test drive, I managed to clock 132.7km with the display indicating a remaining range of 326km, this adds up to a total estimated range of 458.7 km - enough to last a week of driving for most.

While it might be lacking in athleticism, it offers a smooth and comfortable drive with a well-sorted suspension that soaks up all but the worst bumps in the road. The well-assisted steering wheel further eases the driving experience. And there's a sport steering setting that makes the steering feel a tad heftier as well.

Family MPV of the future

SP group's AC43kW charger can recharge the e6 in less than two hours
Electric cars are touted as the future, and the e6 proves that the future is within reach. With a range comparable to many Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, range anxiety isn't an issue with the e6.

Similarly, charging is a breeze, it can be fully recharged in just one and a half hours with a 60kW DC charger and an hour and 48 minutes with a 40kW AC charger. This means you wouldn't need to vie with others for the public DC chargers for a quick charge.

At just $119,888 (as of 18 March 2021), the e6 is an electric MPV that offers not just great value but also practicality and a comfortable ride. Currently, each purchase of the e6 comes with three years of free public charging, helping to keep running costs to a minimum. Looking to be an early adopter of EV cars? The e6 could well be a good starting point.
Car Information
There's a promotion for BYD e6 Electric


: $157,888

Engine Type


AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Engine Cap





70kW (94 bhp)



180 Nm



Single-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Energy consumption



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