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06 May 2021

Facelift (What's New)
Aisin eight-speed torque converter automatic
New 9.2-inch infotainment system along with 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit
Exterior and interior styling tweaks, from new bumpers to a new steering wheel

The changes might seem small, but the facelifted Seat Ateca SUV brings dependability into the mix with an eight-speed torque converter automatic.

In my time at sgCarMart, we've reviewed six different variants of the Seat Ateca. For a brand that made its comeback just over four years ago, that's quite a number of variants for just one model.

As you probably can already tell, there's a lot to like about the Ateca. With its facelift, it doesn't just bring small styling and equipment updates. It brings an eight-speed Aisin torque converter automatic transmission, too.

The what transmission?

Added features and styling updates are a given, but the important update here is the eight-speed automatic
If you need a run down on the different kinds of transmissions available in our market today, you can read this article.

But for those who have a keen understanding of cars, you'll know Aisin - a Japanese automatic transmission manufacturer that's backed by Toyota.

It won't be as sharp and snappy as the usual dual-clutch transmissions that we've come to know and love from the Volkswagen Group, but it'll offer the kind of dependability that drivers here are used to.

And what are the other changes?

The new steering wheel feels and looks unique to Seat, which is commandable in our world of shared platforms and parts
The other changes are pretty minimal, which work to improve the Ateca's value proposition even more.

Up front you get LED head lights and a new grille and bumper design. It does take a keen eye to spot, but in general it offers a more rounded off design compared to the sharper looks of before.

Inside is where you'll notice most of the changes. There's a new steering wheel that doesn't look like a VW Group parts bin item, and a new 9.2-inch infotainment system that looks very different from the ones that came before.

It does take some getting used to with its new tile layout, but it comes with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across all variants as standard.

The infotainment screen's new user interface will take some getting used
You'll have to get yourself a USB-C cable, though. If you do, there's four of them - from the front to the rear seats - that will ensure the devices of your occupants are fully juiced.

And these occupants will have nothing much to complain about in the rear. The Ateca will accommodate three full-sized adults with ease.

What's the drive like?

We get back to the biggest change, the eight-speed auto. Paired to the familiar 1.4-litre turbocharged engine, the Ateca actually feels pretty brisk, despite the 148bhp and 250Nm of torque power figure.

The 1.4-litre turbocharged engine puts out a respectable output of 148bhp and 250Nm of torque to the front wheels
Though it isn't brute force that the Ateca charms with the new gearbox pairing, it is how calm and composed the drive becomes due to it.

In many ways the eight-speed auto works best at low city speeds. As it does its job slipping through the first few gears (as expected from a torque converter auto), it feels much smoother and willing to crawl at low speeds compared to the previous dual-clutch equipped car.

A dependable choice?

I'll be honest. I will always take a dual-clutch transmission over any automatic transmission out there. I enjoy a snappier and responsive gearbox - but that's just me.

The Ateca has a lot of good things going for it, and its latest update gives it the dependability factor
But many Singaporean drivers prefer the torque converter automatic. And that addition hasn't reduced the Ateca's appeal to the mass market. If anything, it broadens the Ateca's appeal.

What you're getting is a car that's still more than capable, with enough power, amenities and features that some of the competition still struggle to offer.

Prices come a little high at $158,999 (as of 6 May 2021) for the facelifted 'Xperience' trim you see here. If you can live without the safety assistance tech and fancy digital instruments you can go for the 'Style' trim for about $8,000 less.

In fact, you can even go for the pre-facelift Ateca that starts from $138,999. And it still comes with the eight-speed auto.

For you, the Singaporean driver, what's not to like?
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Car Information
There's a promotion for SEAT Ateca


: $188,888

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





110kW (148 bhp) / 6000 rpm



250 Nm / 3500 rpm



8-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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