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07 Sep 2022

Facelift (What's New)
New front bumper, grille, and head lights
Upgraded Subaru Eyesight system
Improved X-Mode all-wheel drive system
Gesture controls for the air-conditioning system

Upgrades to the EyeSight system and new practical touches in the cabin make the Subaru Forester as great an SUV as ever.

With options including the Hyundai Tucson, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Mazda CX-5 all recently arriving on our shores sporting appealing exteriors along with a suite of clever features, the family SUV segment is looking smarter with each passing year.

Can this updated Subaru Forester continue to hold its own against the ever-improving competition?

A great new snout

This facelifted Subaru Forester (pictured left) comes with new head lights as well as a redesigned grille and front bumper
If it is design flair that you're after from your SUV, this updated Forester is now also no slouch.

Up front is where the changes are most apparent. The Forester now sports appealing new head lights, which take after the shape of those found on the Subaru WRX. There's also a new grille, surrounded by a new front bumper, both of which deliver high road presence.

And, the tasty black bar that runs between the taillights at the rear of this e-Boxer variant has been retained with this update.

Such big eyes

EyeSight cameras are now attached to the windscreen so they don't get their lenses dirty
This new body is matched by new abilities within as well.

There's a new EyeSight system to start, which now houses its cameras right against the windscreen so their lenses now can't get smeared by curious fingers. The cameras themselves have also been upgraded, so that they now offer a wider field-of-view for more reliable detection of obstacles.

But customers will probably be more interested in the fact that the system now offers Lane Centering Control alongside an improved Adaptive Cruise Control, as well as new collision avoidance features.

All the bite from before

There's now a new Lane Centering Control function to go along with the Adaptive Cruise Control
And the new system works great.

The car accelerates smoothly when left to its own devices, and warnings about illegally stopped vehicles in your lane are delivered in prompt fashion, as I found out while driving this morning along Bedok South Road.

Pick this e-Boxer variant and you'll get a rather competent drivetrain as well.

You only have 148bhp to push along a total of 1,682kg, so don't expect to leave anyone behind when the lights turn green, and the CVT in here is unashamed to let the rpms go well into the mid-ranges.

New cargo hooks at the top of the boot allow more flexible use of the total 509 litres of space available
But even so, the engine note is far from harsh and always well muted. And, the mild hybrid system will eagerly turn the engine off when you come to a stop as well. Expect to be able to reach a fuel economy of close to 9.8km/L.

As big a belly as ever

But the real reason why you'd want to get the Forester is because of its excellent cabin.

Second row passengers here are treated to generous amounts of leg room, and head room is more than enough for all. And this spaciousness is further augmented by the acres of glass all around, even before you open that sunroof.

The new updates make the Subaru Forester as appealing as ever
The excellent Driver Monitoring System that we saw in last year's Forester still continues to serve duty here, adding greater convenience if there are multiple drivers in your household. And as if this car could not get any more family-friendly, there's now new hooks at the top of the boot, which add to those already available at the sides.

Still the SUV to get

At $181,800, the Subaru Forester presents itself as quite the steal next to its rivals. The Mazda CX-5, for example, starts from $190,888, while the Hyundai Tucson come in from $208,999, and the Volkswagen Tiguan is asking for $214,900 (all prices as at 6 September 2022).

The Forester may be the least powerful amongst this bunch, but what it instead offers is excellent cabin space accompanied by a comprehensive sweep of safety features, which are exactly the points that should appeal to families. And for that it deserves to stand tall amongst the competition.

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Car Information
There's a promotion for Subaru Forester e-BOXER Mild Hybrid


: $179,800

Engine Type


4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC Horizontally opposed

Engine Cap





110kW (148 bhp) / 6000 rpm



194 Nm / 4000 rpm



Lineartronic CVT (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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