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The A3 Sportback tackles the Cat B segment with a 1.8-litre variant, a temporal relief to quench the thirst for more power.

11 Sep 2013

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Many would think of the Audi A3 as a mere rebadge of the Volkwagen Golf, albeit done in a more upclass fashion. Now especially, we cannot argue otherwise, as both the Mk7 Golf and the A3 Sportback share the group's MQB platform.
No amount of hard staring will help to differentiate this 1.8-litre from its lesser sibling

Still, we reckon that the Golf and A3 are very different cars altogether - or at least our drives in both told us so.

The A3 1.4 TFSI is a very complete, potent package. And this 1.8 TFSI, in short, seems to be the temporal relief for those wanting more power in this capable hatchback - before the S3 (and RS3) set foot on our shores.

Up close and Personal

Aestheticially, both variants of the A3 Sportback share similar features. There isn't any badge to tell them apart, let alone body kit or exterior decoration.

Interior wise, the 'Ambiente' trimmed cabin of the 1.8 TFSI is more delightful. We like the expensive looking two-tone leather, as well as the clear strips with underlying metallic patterns on the dash. They help portray a modernistic feel, in line with the car's crisp, fresh look on the outside.

As a whole, the cabin feels well put together. What's worth mentioning is that the hatchback's cabin is generously spaced for five onboard, with adequate head and leg room at the rear for three adults. 

'Ambiente' trim on dashboard accentuate an expensive feel in the cabin
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Car Information



: -

Engine Type


4-cylinders in-line Turbocharged

Engine Cap





134kW (180 bhp) / 6200 rpm



250 Nm / 5000 rpm



7-speed (A) S-tronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


17.8 km/L

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