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The new MINI 5 Door combines the hallmark driving fun, distinctive character and refinement of its three-door sibling with enhanced practicality.

26 Sep 2014

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When the first Mini was conceived by Sir Alec Issigonis in 1959, the automotive world was turned on its axis. The Mini was a raging success.

Four decades on, its successor, the new MINI (codenamed R53) was introduced when BMW took over the reins and the car gained its fair share of passionate devotees.

The MINI has been a fabulous success and just last year, we saw the debut of the third generation (codenamed F56) of the icon, but its characteristic three-door configuration has also proved limiting in a segment dominated by five-door vehicles.

With the new MINI 5 Door (codenamed F55), MINI hopes to rectify that.

The new hexagonal radiator grille with chrome elements first seen on the three-door MINI is now a characteristic design


At 4,005mm x 1,727mm x 1,425mm (L x W x H), the MINI 5 Door in Cooper S guise is 155mm longer and 11mm taller than its equivalent three-door brethren.

Nonetheless, the familiar squat stance of MINI has been retained and thus there is no loss of the funky flavour people around the world have come to love.

What the latest version of the MINI is isn't just the existing three-door sheet metal with two extra doors introduced. Instead, the bodywork is longer and taller from the A-pillar onwards, allowing proper functionality to be built into the new version.

17-inch two-spoke Roulette wheels enhance the sporty flavour of the MINI 5 Door

As with most coupe-to-sedan or hatchback-to-wagon conversions, MINI has shortened the front doors a little to allow for an additional pair of entry points.

However, the rear doors are roughly half the size of the front ones so getting into the back of the car, though easier than the three-door, may still be a little bit of a hassle for some.
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