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Bentley's V8-powered Flying Spur sedan is luxury, performance and efficiency in one plush package.

11 Dec 2014

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Like a tailored suit, a Bentley Flying Spur is an automotive equivalent of understated refinement, a discerning choice made in favour of the finer things in life. Like the suit, the beauty of the Flying Spur lies in its details.

The car, at first glance, could pass unnoticed in a crowd, until your eyes catch a flash of detail. It could be the car's upright mesh grille, its defined lines accentuated by a muscular stance, or the brand's heritage emanating from the winged badge. Like the tailored suit, it's the details that stand out - distinctive yet alluring.

21-inch wheels are a perfect fit for the car's big wheel arches

Complementing the Flying Spur flagship, the W12, the new V8 powered Flying Spur enters the lineup with the versatile Audi-sourced 4.0-litre V8 engine to widen the luxury sedan's appeal.


Save for that change of heart, the W12 and V8 Flying Spurs are almost identical. At 5,299mm long, 2,208mm wide and 1,488mm tall, the V8 Flying Spur is as stately as its 12-cylinder sibling with no difference in dimensions.

Visually, the same subtle cosmetic differences between the W12 and V8 Bentley Continental GTs have been accorded to the Flying Spur V8. The red enamel finish on Bentley's famous winged badges on the car's bonnet, boot lid and wheels remain the main tell-tale giveaways of the difference, while the eagle-eyed will also notice the figure-of-eight chromed exhaust pipes at the rear.

The 'infinity' chromed exhaust pipes allow the car to stand out

Those in favour of a sportier finish could opt for the Bentley Mulliner specification, which includes details like a lowered front bumper grille in black, 20-inch alloys and jewel fuel and oil caps.

On the road though, these visual nuances hardly mattered as the two-tone Tungsten on Onyx contrast finish and 21-inch alloys (both available options) on our test car allowed it to cut a distinguished figure on the road, turning heads as we cruised along on our drive.

Car Information

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors
Bentley Flying Spur 4.0 (A)
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Engine Type


V8 Twin-Turbocharged

Engine Cap





373kW (500 bhp) / 6000 rpm



660 Nm / 1700 rpm



8-speed (A) ZF

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


9.2 km/L

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