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The latest SL 280 is a facelift based on the R230 model. But now, it's brought with it a lot more appeal and influences from the legendary Mercedes 300 SL "Gullwing". Will that give it enough street cred?

02 Feb 2009

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Branded bags are pretty interesting, even if you don't own one. From a social perspective, there are many of those who like to be seen carrying them around, some who want to be seen with one and some who really do fancy their designs. And then there are those who buy them because they know they'll look good with one.

The second group are easy to spot. You know, the typical young lady with the kind of fashion sense that would put off even Stevie Wonder, wearing yellow slippers and carrying a big Gucci handbag wider than her body. Chances are she's either really rich or has a sugar daddy. Or, she must have spent all her money on the bag and had nothing left for decent clothes and food.

The thing is, the designer label bags may be pretty, but they certainly don't always go well with the owner. Just like clothes, what looks good on some might not be on others.

Just like the Mercedes-Benz SL 280. It's a sexy car, no doubt about it. Taking some of the most popular design cues from previous models and combining them together artistically, this latest iteration from the Germans is probably one of the best looking SLs to date.

It's visually far more aggressive than the last SL and carries sharper angles to accentuate it. The headlamps, for example, are no longer as elegant and round; they're angled now to give the impression that you'd be in trouble for staring at it.

Gracing its front grille again is the single louvre design that appeared on the famous 300 SL, as well as the second generation W113 models. There's more heritage in new facelift's looks, too. The twin "power domes" that run along the length of the bonnet are taken from the legendary Gullwing, just like the "gills" on the sides behind the front wheels.
Car Information
This model is no longer being sold by local distributors
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL300 New Generation (A)
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Engine Type



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172kW (231 bhp)



300 Nm



7-speed (A)

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