Circuit breaker car online shopping cheat sheet will save you money
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We put together a list of all the brands currently offering an online purchasing experience and special deals during this circuit breaker period.

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During this circuit breaker period from 7th April to 1st June, car showrooms have all been temporarily shut. As a result, walk-in test drives for prospective buyers are no longer available.

However, that doesn't mean that you cannot still purchase a new car. Of course, the simplest way to find out more is to give your preferred brand dealership a call. And, every brand’s website remains operational and, thus, online services are still available.

That said, a few brands have actually developed some online-only deals for customers that go above and beyond the usual online experience. We've perused all the brand's websites and social media channels to collate this cheat sheet that you may find useful during this circuit breaker period. 

All information is correct as of 21st April 2020. 


At the BMW Digital Showroom, you can explore the whole range of BMW models. Additionally, there are exclusive online deals available, such as COE Rebate Packages and Leasing Packages. 



You can get a fully digital consultation and a personalised quotation by checking out the Citroen e-consultation, with no strings attached. Book online now and receive up to $500 accessories credits, and also enjoy a limited time C5 Aircross All-in Package. 



Similarly, DS is also offering a fully digital consultation and personalised quotation with its e-consultation, with no strings attached as well. Book online to enjoy exclusive pick-up and delivery service, and an additional $300 in accessories credits. 



Kah Motor has just implemented an online virtual showroom that allows users to 'walk' around the Honda showroom, in very much the same way you would in person. Click here to check out the virtual showroom, and register your interest online or call the sales hotline to learn about available promotions. 


Hyundai’s Click & Drive service allows you to customise your ideal Hyundai and complete the entire sales transaction online. Additionally, Hyundai is also offering seven years extended warranty and servicing, as well as one year of road tax. 



Jaguar is offering promotional prices on just about every model in its lineup, and online reservations can be made via the Jaguar Online Sales Advisor



At the Kia e-showroom, you can check out the brand's model lineup, receive a fully digital consultation, as well as register to receive priority access to an upcoming Online Flash Sale. 


Land Rover

At the Land Rover Online Sales Advisor, you can make an online reservation on your preferred Land Rover model. There are currently special offers on all models offered at the page. 



A simple, hassle-free contactless purchase journey called Lexus Remote lets you choose and customise your ideal luxury car. A dedicated Sales Consultant will assist you to prepare the necessary documents, and you can have your new Lexus delivered after 1st June. 



With Mazda StayHome Booking, you can book a new Mazda from the comfort of home. As part of the brand's 100th Anniversary celebration, Mazda is also offering additional $2,000 savings on any model. 



Mitsubishi is offering Circuit Breaker Specials, with deals that include up to $24,000 cash discount. Head to the e-showroom and reserve your favourite Mitsubishi, with a fully refundable $500 deposit. 



Perodua is offering up to $8,000 in savings for customers who book online. To find out more, you can visit its website here



SEAT is offering up to $10,000 in discounts in its Exclusive Circuit Breaker Stay-home Deals. Register at its website and a SEAT Specialist will get in touch to help you reserve your exclusive online deal. 



You can check out the full Skoda model range at its virtual showroom. Additionally, explore the site and find hidden Karoq icons to get exclusive discounts worth up to $6,000 off a brand new Karoq. 



You can still purchase a brand new Suzuki with the brand's online payment option, Suzuki Pay. With all the relevant transactions conducted digitally with the help of a Sales Consusltant, you can secure your new Suzuki now, and have it delivered after 1st June. 



Toyota Contactless Purchase allows you to buy a brand new car without ever needing to visit the showroom. A Sale Consultant will assist you virtually throughout the process, and your new car can be delivered after 1st June. 



Enjoy model-specific gifts when you book your new Volkswagen online, including service credits and even a free Oettinger body kit for the Golf GTI. 



Online bookings for Volvo's current S-Range stock clearance promotion are available, with highlights including a top up of $20,000 for guaranteed COE. This promotion is valid until 30th April. 

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