These are the 10 cheapest brand-new cars you can buy in 2021
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Thinking of buying a brand-new car, but on a budget? Here are 10 of the cheapest new cars (under $100k) you can buy in 2021!

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Most people love shiny things, but more so, people love brand new things! That is why 'shopping therapy' exists. Nothing beats the feeling of a brand-new purchase.

When it comes to getting a car, there is so much more to enjoy - the new car smell, the shiny paintwork, unlocking the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want to. Besides, getting a brand-new car in Singapore is unfortunate because you have just made a substantial and overpriced purchase.

Here are the 10 cheapest new cars you can buy from the showrooms right now under $100,000!
1. Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (A)

The Bezza is a smart-looking compact sedan that can fit five comfortably!
Price: $78,999
Annual depreciation: $7,344
Annual road tax: $584
Fuel consumption: 21km/L
Horsepower: 93bhp

Why you should buy one:
At just over $75,000, it's the cheapest new car you can buy in Singapore right now. With an excellent fuel economy of 21km/L, coupled with a low annual road tax, it is also the cheapest car to sustain overall. Don't be mistaken, there's more to the Bezza. Despite its compact sedan body style, it is spacious enough to fit five comfortably. Powered by an engine that is quieter and more refined than other cars in its class, you really can't go wrong with a Bezza.
2. Perodua Myvi 1.3 X (A)

Malaysia's favourite hatchback is unsurprisingly practical and fun to drive
Price: $81,999
Annual depreciation: $7,900
Annual road tax: $584
Fuel consumption: 21.1km/L
Horsepower: 94bhp

Why you should buy one:
Prefer a hatchback body style? Why not go for Malaysia's favourite hatch? Unsurprisingly, it has a perky powertrain that makes it a breeze to drive - perfect as a transport around our small city. Like the Bezza, the Myvi gets excellent fuel economy, and it is also spacious with plenty of legroom - no wonder it is so popular in Malaysia! Oh, the Myvi also has LED headlights to complement its looks.
3. Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 CVT Style (A)

The Mitsubishi Attrage has been a winner in several editions of the sgCarMart Annual Awards
Price: $83,999
Annual depreciation: $8,100
Annual road tax: $504
Fuel consumption: 20.4km/L
Horsepower: 79bhp

Why you should buy one:
The facelifted Mitsubishi Attrage now comes with a dynamic shield front grille, redesigned bumpers, LED headlights and tail lamps to give it a slightly more stylish edge than its predecessor. If budget is at the top of your priorities, the Attrage is your safest bet (with six airbags installed, it's the safer choice indeed).
4. Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 CVT Style (A)

This 'Attrage hatch' takes drivability and practicality up a notch with an improved turning radius
Price: $83,999
Annual depreciation: $8,100
Annual road tax: $504
Fuel consumption: 21.2km/L
Horsepower: 79bhp

Why you should buy one:
The Mitsubishi Space Star is simply an Attrage without a boot. This means that it is shorter in length, achieving an even better turning radius of merely 4.8m. Like the Attrage, the Space Star boasts a roomy interior with a decent amount of space for its passengers. Coupled with a strong and effective air-conditioning system, the Space Star might be all the car you need in Singapore.
5. Mazda 2 Hatchback 1.5 Standard (A)

The Mazda 2 shines a little brighter than other hatchbacks in the market currently, all things considered
Price: $88,888
Annual depreciation: $8,600
Annual road tax: $682
Fuel consumption: 18.5km/L
Horsepower: 114bhp

Why you should buy one:
If you dislike the rubber band CVT transmissions that come with most cars these days, the Mazda 2 would be the perfect choice for you with its 6-speed auto gearbox. The 1.5L engine also allows you to hit 0 to 100km/hr in just 10 seconds, trumping other similar models in the segment. You can tell that the designers put some serious thought into this car - everything feels solid to the touch, giving it a nice premium feel, and you're never second-guessing where all the buttons and knobs are.
6. SEAT Ibiza 1.0 EcoTSI DSG Style Plus (A)

The Ibiza is the most affordable way to jump into the whole 'continental car' segment
Price: $88,999
Annual depreciation: $8,028
Annual road tax: $390
Fuel consumption: 21.2km/L
Horsepower: 114bhp

Why you should buy one:
The SEAT Ibiza is a handsome hatchback that promises a fun drive with ample space for small families. Everything in the Ibiza seems well thought out  - from the premium-feel leather on the steering wheel to the crisp, clear and sensitive touchscreen infotainment system and even the smooth drive transmission! This is one value-for-money hatch that can give the Honda Jazz a run for its money (it's even more affordable too).
7. Kia Stonic

Kia did a good one with the Stonic. It checks most if not all boxes of the average Singaporean driver and what they want in a car
Price: $90,999
Annual depreciation: $8,800
Annual road tax: $390
Fuel consumption: 18.5km/L
Horsepower: 118bhp

Why you should buy one:
The Kia Stonic is a no-frills compact crossover that gets you from point A to B with no fuss. If you want something practical, the Stonic should be a car to consider. It's affordable, comes equipped with essential technology, and a pleasant everyday drive.
8. SEAT Arona 1.0 EcoTSI DSG Style Plus (A)

For the number of features that's packed into the Arona, like automatic parking, you're getting tons of value
Price: $93,999
Annual depreciation: ~$9,000
Annual road tax: $390
Fuel consumption: 20km/L
Horsepower: 114bhp

Why you should buy one:
If you're looking for a car that's fun to drive and inexpensive to own, the SEAT Arona should be something to consider. It shares the same MQB A0 platform as the Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo, but it comes with more space in the boot (400L) and a whole suite of features like cruise control, park assist, and interior ambient lighting compared to the Ibiza.
9. Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid 1.2 Standard (A)

You can save the Earth and money with the Swift Mild Hybrid. That attractive VES rebate certainly seems enticing
Price: $95,900
Annual depreciation: ~$9,000
Annual road tax: $506
Fuel consumption: 24.2km/L
Horsepower: 82bhp

Why you should buy one:
Some might remember the Suzuki Swift as a hot hatch due to the Swift Sport and the even earlier Swift GTi. While the 1.2-litre Swift is not one, it does benefit from a handsome and sporty styling. Despite its small engine, the powertrain is rather perky, producing 82bhp and 107Nm of torque. If you want something that's not only affordable but leaves less carbon footprint, look no further!
10. Nissan Sylphy 1.6 Lite (A)

The Nissan Sylphy is the spiritual successor of the quintessential economy sedan here - the Nissan Sunny!
Price: $97,800
Annual depreciation: $8,900
Annual road tax: $742
Fuel consumption: 16.1km/L
Horsepower: 114bhp

Why you should buy one:
The third generation Nissan Sylphy has been available in Singapore since 2013. It has recently been facelifted in 2019 with Nissan's signature V-motion grille, LED accented lights, a navigation system with built-in reverse camera and a gloss back interior trim. You've heard of the saying 'don't fix what's not broken', and the fact that the Sylphy has been around this long shows that it clearly ticks all the right boxes - aptly powered, great legroom, great cabin insulation, and an appealing design.
*All prices are accurate at the time of writing. Updated by James Chan on 27th April 2021.

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