Keeping your car clean this circuit breaker period
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Washing your car isn't an essential thing to do during this period, so how do you keep it clean? Read here to find out.

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According to the law, you technically are not supposed to do any other activities outdoors except for buying food, or exercising in parks or public paths.

What about washing your car in public spaces? You are strongly discouraged from doing so. But it doesn't mean you can't take steps to keep your car away from dirt and grime. Here's how.

Park it indoors

Parking your car indoors is the best thing you can do when you want to keep your car clean when parked for long periods
Leaving your car outdoors is perhaps the worst thing you can do to a car in Singapore. With our tropical climate, your car is constantly exposed to high temperatures and rain.

Plus, park it in the wrong spot and you'll get tree sap, bird droppings and dust. Couple these additions to heat, and you have damaged paint in no time. Your interior isn't spared, either. Heat can easily damage plastic interior pieces, causing them to melt, fade or crack.

There's a way around this. If you can, always park your car indoors or under shelter. It helps a ton.

Multi-storey carparks for example are a good option, as your car is exposed lesser to the elements. It might be a further walk or generally inconvenient, but you won't be driving your car much during this period, anyway.

Park it right

It may not be noticeable despite it being a covered lot, but lots like these leave a part of your car exposed to the elements
Even in covered car parks, it is always a good idea to pick your lot wisely. Or you might end up with a dirty car.

Take for example certain designs of multi-storey carparks. Many drivers of tall vehicles, such as MPVs and SUVs, will know to avoid parking at lots with low metal railings. These lots won't just cause a minor fender bender, they also allow your car to be exposed to the elements. Park here, and you'll probably end up with a car that's half dirty, half clean.

It is always wise to look at the ceilings, too. Some lots may have signs of water seepage, and these water droplets won't look good on your car.

The best bet is to park at lots facing out of the car park. While it won't be the best cover, it prevents rain and the sun from impacting your car directly.

Get a car cover

Putting on a car cover is perhaps the best way to keep your car protected from rain and shine
If you don't have any sheltered parking lots, a good item to invest in is a car cover.

Not many people do use covers, as it is tedious to wrap up your car and have to remove it the next time you drive. But since your car will be parked for most of the month, it is definitely a good idea.

It isn't just protecting your paint from rain, bird droppings, tree sap and dust. What it does too is shield your interior panels from damaging heat and ultraviolet rays, too.

A quick search online suggests that prices start from $15 and up. It is a simple solution to keeping your car looking fresh when parked for long periods.

Buy some products online

You can purchase car care products online and have them shipped to your home directly
Is washing your car yourself never been a part of your routine? Well, it is a good time to start in a few weeks. Washing your car yourself can be a simple routine, and buying the correct products makes it easier.

While you can go out petrol stations and supermarkets to buy a selection of car care products, you can do online shopping for car care products, too.

Autoglym, for example, runs official online stores for its products on Shopee and Lazada. And we all know that Autoglym's products are some of the best in the business.

The best part is that there's good enough time for these products to arrive at your doorstep, so you can begin your car detailing journey once the circuit breaker is over.

Planning to wash your car once the circuit breaker is over? Click HERE to check out some car care products!

Book a detailing appointment!

While you can't send your car for grooming now, you can definitely make an appointment for one once the circuit breaker period is over
Once the circuit breaker period is over, your car is more than deserving for a good wash after a month of neglect.

While car detailing establishments are not considered as essential services now, these companies will start operations after 1 June.

So go ahead and book your car in with your favourite detailer. Our personal favourites include T.O.P Detailing and D'BUNK'D Detailing. These guys know the ins and outs of car detailing, and are open for bookings once the circuit breaker period ends.

Being in lockdown isn't an excuse to neglect your rides. With these simple steps, you definitely can keep your car clean and gleaming for long periods.

Have more tips to share for keeping your car free from dirt? Pen them down in the comment box below!

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