Buying a used car? Make sure it's covered under sgCarMart Warranty!
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Buying a used car may be more financially prudent than buying a brand new car, the risk of buying a lemon is always there. Protect your finances with sgCarMart Warranty today.

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Some people might argue that the Lemon Law is adequate to protect consumers from buying defective goods (like a used car, for example). But wiser people will tell you that the Lemon Law is very ambiguous and has many grey areas or loopholes.
Common problems that arise with a used car

Due to wear and tear, used cars are highly susceptible to breakdowns compared to new cars
The last thing you want to happen after you fork out a substantial amount of cash for a used car would be breakdowns. From simple things like a dead battery to more complex problems like transmission or driveshaft issues, here are our top 8 car breakdown problems.
  • Weak or dead battery
  • Faulty alternator
  • Engine overheating
  • Excessive engine oil consumption
  • Transmission problems
  • Driveshaft issues
  • Abnormal handling
  • Brake issues
Find out what causes these problems and how you can handle them
How much will it cost to fix those problems?

The last thing you want is to pay more money for repairs after buying a used car
Let's take the most expensive components to repair or replace in a car as an example - the engine, drive axle and transmission.

Depending on your car's make and model, repair works for these parts can range from $800 up to $9000! Now, that's a lot of money you have to fork out for a car you just bought.

But, what if your car came with a sgCarMart Warranty?
Why sgCarMart Warranty?

The sgCarMart Warranty is backed by ECICS Limited, an established homegrown insurance company
The sgCarMart Warranty:
  • Covers the most expensive-to-repair parts in a car - the engine, drive axle and transmission
  • Does not require any out of pocket expenses from you when you send your car in for repairs
  • Has many specialised workshops that can repair your car
  • Ensures that only independent and reputable workshops handle any repair work
  • Is backed by ECICS Limited, an established homegrown insurance company (*The sgCarMart Warranty program has been updated as of 18th April 2022.)
  • Allows you to do your regular car servicing at any workshop without voiding your Warranty
Ask your preferred dealer for sgCarMart Warranty
Remember to ask your dealer to include the warranty before you commit to the car purchase!

How does the Warranty work?

Click on the image to appreciate this infographic we came up with
Click on the infographic to enlarge the image.

Step 1: Purchase a used car with sgCarMart Warranty

Step 2: Your car has a mechanical or electrical problem

Step 3: Call 8001012917 to report the issue

Step 4: Our associates will assign you a workshop that can best resolve your problem

Step 5: Workshop will do a check to see if the problem falls under the sgCarMart Warranty

Step 6: If yes, the workshop will repair the defect

Step 7: The workshop will bill sgCarMart. You drive off without paying a cent
How do you spot a car that comes with a sgCarMart Warranty?

You'll know immediately whether the car comes with a sgCarMart Warranty or not
While you're scrolling through all the used cars you can (or cannot) afford on sgCarMart, look out for "This car comes with sgCarMart Warranty, the best protection for your car". 

This indicates that the car you're viewing comes with sgCarMart Warranty and you don't have to pester your used car dealer to purchase a sgCarMart Warranty for you.
What cars are eligible for sgCarMart Warranty?

If the car is not eligible, the sgCarMart Warranty logo will not be there
Under the resources section for eligible cars in sgCarMart's used car section, you should see a sgCarMart Warranty logo (refer to image on the right for reference).

It means that you can still get a sgCarMart Warranty for the car you want. You just need to ask your used car dealer to take up the sgCarMart Warranty for the car as the sgCarMart Warranty is only available for car dealerships and not available for direct purchase by consumers.

Ask your preferred dealer for sgCarMart Warranty
Remember to ask your dealer to include the warranty before you commit to the car purchase!
  • Eligible for all passenger cars less than 9 years old
  • You can get this warranty through most car dealers in Singapore
  • Partnership with PIT & GO, a fully backed workshop by the Toyota group of companies.
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