The best protection for your car
Warranty for Peace of Mind
Any issues? Turn up to the appointed Sgcarmart Warranty workshop. If it's covered, we'll get it sorted.
Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
The warranty includes a thorough vehicle inspection before purchase, highlighting any potential problems.
Goodbye to Hefty Repair Bills!
We cover the most expensive-to-repair items such as the engine, transmission and drive axle.
100% Assurance on Claims
This warranty program is backed by ECICS, an MAS licensed insurer.
Warranty Coverage
Covers car repair costs up to $10,000
6, 12 and 24 month warranty available!
The Sgcarmart warranty covers all labour and part costs of the most expensive components to repair in a car for up to $10,000. Over 100 parts are covered; view the full list here. Issues can be conveniently fixed at our repair workshop.
Warranty Coverage
Covers car repair costs up to $10,000
6, 12 and 24 month warranty available!
The Sgcarmart warranty covers all labour and part costs of the most expensive components to repair in a car for up to $10,000. Over 100 parts are covered; view the full list here. Issues can be conveniently fixed at our repair workshop.
Sgcarmart Warranty vs Lemon Law
When buying a car, depending on the lemon law alone for protection is not sufficient.
Pre-purchase inspection
Independent administrator
Coverage beyond 6 months
Simple claim process
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How Sgcarmart Warranty works?
Purchase a used car
When buying a car, ask the dealer to include a Sgcarmart warranty in the sale.
The dealer will send the car for a pre-warranty inspection.
The dealer will submit your information to our partner Agency, RIA (Ricardo Insurance Agency) to initiated the warranty activation process.
The warranty T&Cs will be sent to you through email by RIA so that you may accept the warranty coverage.
Have your regular car servicing at PIT & GO to keep your warranty valid.
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Sgcarmart Preferred Warranty Partners

Warranty FAQs

New cars usually come with a 3-year distributor warranty. However, statistics show that cars tend to break down after the third year.

All repairs are done by PIT & GO, a workshop fully backed by Toyota Group of companies, utilising cutting-edge Japanese technology and quality spare parts.

PIT & GO Singapore is a workshop fully backed by Toyota Group of companies: TOYOTA TSUSHO, AISIN and DENSO, which provide cutting-edge Japanese technology and top-notch quality spare parts.

ECICS is a fully licensed general insurer under the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is now a full subsidiary of IFS Capital Limited, a public listed group on the Singapore SGX board. It is also part of PhilipCapital Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Singapore.

Sgcarmart warranty is available for purchase via car dealerships and is also extended to existing car owners. A comprehensive inspection is included in the warranty purchase.

Look out for the Sgcarmart Warranty label on cars listed on Check with the dealer if the car has passed inspection and is certified to be fault-free.

Prior to handover, the dealer will arrange for an inspection of the vehicle, and all vehicles must pass our comprehensive inspection to be warrantied.

Our Inspection will include checks like engine checks, transmission checks and under-vehicle inspection and more. All vehicles that pass the inspection will be given an Inspection Pass Certificate.

Your dealer will assist in initiating the activation of your warranty to RIA, who will email you after we receive your information from the dealer.

You will need to understand, acknowledge and confirm the terms and conditions for the warranty coverage.

Upon accepting and ageeing to the warranty terms and conditions, the warranty certificate and booklet will be mailed to you.

*Please note that failure to provide consent and acceptance to the warranty terms and conditions will lead to the cancellation of the warranty, and any fees paid will be forfeited.

The Sgcarmart Warranty is a third-party independent warranty that does not come from a workshop or dealership.

The workshops will submit the repair bill to us, and we will pay for the repairs!

This is unlike other warranty programs where the warranty provider is also the repair workshop and therefore may scrimp on repairs to lower costs. With a Sgcarmart Warranty, we take out any potential conflict of interests and give the customer only the best.

Sgcarmart Warranty starts as low as $300. The price varies depending on the duration of coverage you choose and the make and model of the car.

Most cars registered under fifteen years with less than 200,000-kilometre mileage will be eligible for the Warranty.

Certain car makes and models will not be eligible for Sgcarmart Warranty. These include (but not limited to): Citroen, Daihatsu, Fiat, Hafei, Geely, Peugeot, Ssangyong and all electric cars. Cars used for commercial purposes will also not be eligible.

Vehicles classified under Z10/Z11/R10/R11 (commercial or rental car insurance) will have to convert to a normal passenger car category N18/N19/P10/P11 (private car insurance) within seven days of ownership. If not, the car will not be eligible for Warranty coverage.

Private hire vehicles (PHV) or cars meant for commercial purposes are not eligible for the Warranty.

ECICS, a local home grown insurer since 1975 and in 2013, ECICS became a fully licensed general insurer under the approval of Monetary Authority of Singapore. This has allowed ECICS to underwrite a full range of general insurance business product lines. ECICS is the underwriter for the warranty.

It covers the mechanical failure of the most expensive components to repair or replace in a car - engine (petrol, diesel, turbo or supercharged and hybrid), drive axle and transmission systems. The Sgcarmart Warranty will cover all labour and parts costs required.

This is a detailed breakdown of the covered components

Engine System

Gasoline (Petrol) Engine: Turbocharger and supercharger, intercooler, hard lines, bypass valve, injection pump, balance shafts and balance shaft bearings,camshaft, bearings and followers, camshaft timing sprockets, variable valve timing mechanism, connecting rods and bearings, c rankshaft and main bearings, cylinder block, cylinder heads, front crank shaft drive pulley, oil pan, oil pump, pistons, piston rings and pins, push rods, rocker arms, shafts, bushings, timing gears,guides and tensioners, timing chain, timing chain vibration damper, timing chain cover, valve covers, valves, valve guides, lifters, springs and seats, flywheel / flex plate (breakage), flywheel ring gear, manifold, intake, all internally lubricated parts contained within the cylinder block and head (s), timing chain/belt (breakage)*

*Timing belt covered provided that the last due change of the belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's schedule (proof required)

Transmission System

Shafts, gears, selectors, bearings, pumps, gear shift cable, governor assembly, release hubs and bearings, torque converter, housings / cases and oil pan,differential gear assembly, shift solenoid valves, vehicle speed sensor, park/neutral position switch, gear range position switch, vacuum modules, all internally lubricated parts are contained within the transmission and transfer cases.

Drive Axle

Main shaft, chain & sprockets, final drive housing, axle shaft, front hub bearing, locking hub assemblies (4x4), drive shaft support, limited slip clutch pack, rear hub bearings, propeller shafts, oil pan and axle drive housing, bearings (wheel bearings excluded)

For a detailed breakdown, please refer to the list here.

Select from 6, 12 or 24-month coverage.

Cars under the 6-month warranty coverage are eligible to one claim not exceeding $10,000.

Cars with 12 months or more of coverage may claim an unlimited number of claims if the total aggregate claim does not exceed $10,000.

For a 6-month Warranty package - the Warranty will cover the car for the first 10,000 km (after purchase) or 6 months, whichever comes first.

For warranty packages of 12 months or more, the warranty will cover 20,000 km/year or the time of warranty expiry, whichever comes first.

Major Exclusions

- Excluded components/parts (see point 1 for those covered components/parts)

- Damage caused by fire, theft, lighting, collision, impact of foreign particles, accident or any act of god

- Pre-existing defects

- Wear & tear

- Regular maintenance fees

- Third party claims

- Consequential Charges

- Towing Charges

- Damage caused by neglect or failure to maintain the insured vehicle

- For more exclusions, please refer to Sgcarmart Warranty policy wording for more information.

Yes, it is compulsory. The Sgcarmart Warranty is pegged with PIT & GO (Ricardo Auto Centre), a fully backed workshop by Toyota and its group of companies.

Customers enjoy a complimentary foam car wash with every servicing.

Yes, all of our warranty programs include a 30-day cooling-off period. These 30 days begin the day your coverage is activated. During this 30-day cooling-off period, you will not be eligible to submit any warranty claims.

As part of the on-boarding process, an inspection is required to pick out pre-existing faults. You will need to repair the faults before your car can be eligible for the Sgcarmart Warranty program.

Yes, you can. Transfer of ownership is allowed for warranty coverage of 12-months and above.

Upon successful sale of your car and transfer of ownership, you will need to submit to the Administrator (RIA) the Transfer of Ownership document together with a transfer fee of SGD 50 within 14 days after the ownership transfer date to effect the Warranty endorsment.

You may contact RIA's hotline 6515 6888 for further details and assistance.

No, you do not. With Sgcarmart Warranty, there are ZERO upfront repair costs. The repair workshop will bill Sgcarmart directly.

Sgcarmart Warranty is in partnership with PIT & GO Singapore (Ricardo Auto Centre), a workshop that is fully backed by the Toyota Group of companies, providing cutting-edge Japanese technology and top-notch quality spare parts.

No. Requirement Description
1 Exclusive workshop PIT & GO Singapore (Ricardo Auto Centre) is the exclusive workshop. All servicing and repairs must be done by PIT & GO Singapore (Ricardo Auto Centre)
2 Towing Call us at 6515 5888 to report the issue. The customer service representative from the hotline will coordinate and provide the contact details of the repairer for towing. You will have to pay for the towing charges.
3 Servicing Vehicle must be serviced at intervals as per the service schedule, every 10,000km or every 6 months (whichever is earlier)

For all legitimate claims, our repairers will spare no expenses to repair your car. Why? Because they do not need to worry about the collection of payment. They will submit the valid repair claims to our insurer and pay for the repairs under the warranty coverage!

No. Our repairers will spare no expense to repair your car. Why? Because they do not need to worry about collecting money from you. They only need to submit the repair bill to us, and we will pay for the repairs!

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