Here's how to make your car as comfortable as a high-end luxury car
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Modifying your car isn't just for the boy racers, you can make your car as comfortable as much more expensive cars with aftermarket add-ons as well!

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Whenever car modification is brought up, your first thought will likely be what's seen in the Fast and Furious franchise - loud exhaust, bright colours and huge spoilers, along with drivers who challenge each other to see who can go faster.

Well, that isn't all. For those who do not have the need for speed, there are modifications that can make your ride a more comfortable and enjoyable one. Here are several things you can do to make your car more comfortable than before.
Window films

There is a wide range of window films that is available to suit your needs - be it heat rejection or protection from the glare
This is a must-have for cars in Singapore! The glare from the sunlight can make driving in the day uncomfortable. Window films can help keep the discomfort minimal by shielding bright lights. It's much light donning a pair of shades, which will make driving much more enjoyable.

Window films these days are also extremely effective at keeping the heat out - particularly useful in hot and sunny Singapore.

Many different brands and ranges of windows film are available. Hence, it is surely possible to find something that fits both your budgets and your needs. There are now films that not only comply with the LTA's minimal visible light transmission requirements, but also have amazing UV and heat rejection properties, giving you the best of both worlds.

Aftermarket sound deadening materials can help you achieve that luxurious ride you are seeking
I'm not sure if you have ever noticed, but one trait shared by all luxury or premium cars, is their superior soundproofing. Many of these higher end cars are not only built with thick, strong materials, they are also lined with extensive amount of sound proofing to keep all the noise at bay, offering a much quieter and enjoyable ride.

And if you ask me, I'll say that noise insulation accounts for a huge part of the enjoyable ride that these cars offer.

Fret not, even if your car doesn't block out all the noise properly, aftermarket soundproofing can be installed at critical areas such as the floorpan, the wheel arches as well as the roof, to offer an additional layer to shield the noise from entering the cabin of your car.
Add-on door seals to reduce wind noise

Certain cars, especially older ones, can suffer from excessive wind noise - additional door seals can help alleviate the problem
While soundproofing is effective at reducing noise that comes from vibrations, road noise, tyre noise and the likes, but wind noise is yet another major source of disturbance. Just crack open the window at highway speeds and you'll know what I mean.

Aerodynamics and the design of the car body play the larger roles in the generation of wind noise. However, all is not lost even if you are driving a car that suffers from excessive wind noise. Aftermarket add-on door seals are available to improve the seal of your car doors and effectively reduce wind noise.

As an added benefit, the better seal also helps prevent dirt from entering your car's door sill areas as well.
Reupholstering interior

The seats and interior panels of your car can be customised to suit your taste
With the reupholstering services available, you can achieve almost anything you desire for the interior of your car.

Foam can be added to your existing seats to make them more cushy and comfortable. You can even wrap your seats and interior panels with whichever material you fancy, be it Alcantara or Nappa leather, like the ones found in your favourite luxury and performance cars.

You can also convert your headliner to black in colour, much like how most of the modern cars are. With a capable upholstery shop, the possibilities are endless - you can achieve the dream interior for your car!
Infotainment and sound system upgrades

Love driving along to your favourite tunes? Get some upgraded speakers and you'll enjoy it even more 
In this age of technology, a feature-packed infotainment system is a must-have. Fancy that large infotainment display in the spanking new Mercedes-Benz? Well, while you won't be able to retrofit the entire MBUX system in your own car, there are many aftermarket options available.

Larger, more powerful infotainment systems with a wealth of features and functions are now available for many cars in the market. Aftermarket infotainment system with features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay - there's no need to change to a new car just for the latest tech!

You can also upgrade your car's speakers to enjoy high-quality music. Trust us, this would be even better if you have already gotten additional soundproofing for your car!
Comfort-oriented aftermarket suspension

Opt for a comfort-oriented shock absorber and your car will ride more comfortably over bumps and uneven surfaces
Now when it comes to comfort, how can we leave out how the car rides on the road! Well, if your car's suspension is getting old and worn, the ride won’t be as comfortable as before.

When opting for a replacement shock absorber, there are options that are more comfort oriented - make sure to go for these, and you might even notice and improvement in ride quality compared to your stock suspension system. Just don't go for a set of performance coilovers if you are looking for comfort!
Low-noise, comfort-oriented tyres

A comfort-oriented tyre can result in reduced road noise and a more comfortable ride
If your intention isn't to head down to the racetrack, you wouldn't benefit from high-performance tyres. In fact those can even affect your ride quality, amplify road noise, and affect your fuel economy detrimentally!

Make sure you opt for one of those comfort or eco tyres. These usually have tread patterns that generate minimal noise, along with supple sidewalls that help absorb the bumps on the road, making your car ride more comfortably. Oh, and you might want to avoid runflat tyres, which tend to have stiffer sidewalls.
Want to make your car more comfortable? Check out all the workshops that can help improve your car!

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