Here's how to prevent your car or its parts from being stolen
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Prevention is always better than cure. If you always drive across the border, you will want to minimise the chances of your car getting stolen. Here's how.

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We've shared about what you should do if you find your car stolen while driving overseas, such as in Malaysia. Though, ideally, none of us would ever want to find ourselves in that position. Even if you were to successfully retrieve your stolen car, chances are you would have suffered some damages and losses, along with all the hassle.

So the best scenario is to not even have your car stolen in the first place. That is why, we are going to discuss the various practices that can help to reduce the probability of your car and/or its contents getting stolen.
Park in a safe location

While costlier, opting to park at the hotel lobby is a safer option
Thefts often happen in dark, secluded areas as it is easier for the criminals to get away undetected. Hence, you should always try to avoid dark, secluded carparks and opt for well-lit areas that are frequented by other cars and foot traffic. Carparks which are equipped with security cameras and are patrolled by security guards will also serve as another layer of deterrence.

When staying over at hotels, try to opt for the costlier valet parking at the hotel lobby - being in clear sight would make it more difficult for thieves to target your vehicle.
Don't make it easy for your car to be taken

Don't make things easy for the thieves - such as leaving the top and window down
If you were to leave your car with keys in the ignition and door open, surely you would be inviting thieves to make off with it. That's why, you should adopt practices that will make it more difficult for your car to be taken.

The cheapest and easiest way is to park close to a pillar or a wall, and turn your front wheels towards it - this makes it difficult for your car to be pushed or towed away without unlocking the steering. You also have to ensure that your car's security system, locks and keys are all in working condition, and remember to lock your car and wind up the windows!

As an added layer of security, you could also consider steering wheel and pedal locks.
Don't do things that attract the attention of criminals

Leaving your valuables in clear sight is another way to invite trouble
This doesn't just apply to the car. You need to know how to avoid attracting the wrong attention when you are abroad. It's as simple as avoiding excessive display of wealth through jewellery, or leaving valuables and money in clear sight.

That']s why, you should never leave your laptop, or bags and suitcases within clear sight, such as on the passenger seat. If it looks like there might be costly valuables in them, criminals will be enticed to smash the window and grab whatever is there. Even if the car isn't stolen, your day will surely be ruined.
Always keep your car keys with you

Try to avoid handing your car keys to a stranger
As tempting as it is to simply hand the key over for a car grooming session or for your car to be worked on, you should avoid doing so, especially when you are unfamiliar with the shop and/or its staff. The same goes for services such as valet parking servicers. As much as possible, you should choose to park your car yourself, and keep your keys with you.

By leaving your car keys with a stranger for an extended period of time, it is possible for them to make a duplicate of your key and gain easy access to your car at a later time. Furthermore, such an act of negligence might even complicate things when you want to make an insurance claim for your missing car.
Make sure lesser criminals don't get away with your car's wheels!

Lock nuts provide additional security for your wheels and brake kit
While having the entire car stolen is not exactly that common, there seems to be much more accounts of cars left sitting atop bricks or jack stands with missing wheels. This is an especially concerning issue for drivers whose cars are equipped with expensive wheels. And I'm not only talking about aftermarket ones. These days the wheels that come with luxury and performance cars can be worth a fair bit as well!

A way to secure your wheels will be to opt for a quality set of security lock nuts which will require a special key in order to remove. While it isn't fool-proof, it will surely make it more difficult for thieves to remove your car's wheels.

When it comes to security, every little bit counts. This is why while all these precautions wouldn't ensure the safety of your car - it all depends on how determined the thieves are - it sure would help to make your car a less attractive target.
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