Car engine decarbonisation 101 - Why? How? Where?
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Decarbonising your car engine is essential for car maintenance, especially if you want your car to be in its best working condition.

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Car engine decarbonisation removes excess carbon deposits from the cylinder head, combustion chamber and piston chambers.

If too much carbon builds up in the engine, it may lead to inefficiencies that reduce performance, damage or even cause the engine to stop working altogether.

While you may have warranty packages that cover engine failure, always remember that prevention is better than cure.

There are two types of car engine decarbonisation - mechanical and chemical.
For this technique, the workshop will physically scrape off carbon deposits found in your engine. In the hands of a well-trained and experienced mechanic, this process is successful, but with an incompetent one, it can be disastrous.
This process is a less invasive method that utilises alcohols and terpenes added to the conventional fuel supply. These chemicals dissolve the carbon deposits formed in various engine parts, and the carbon gets ejected via the exhaust.

Wondering where to find the best car engine decarbonising workshops in Singapore? Read on!

This machine is the first of its kind, and you can only find it in one workshop in Singapore
Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning and CO2 blasting are common terms used for this technique. But they all mean the same thing.

Using a 'Velocity High-Pressure Dry Ice Machine' to blast compressed cold air into specific, hard-to-reach, or sensitive cleaning areas means removing carbon/dirt/residual deposits without damaging delicate parts.

One of the advantages of this method is that the dry ice sublimates entirely to CO2. Hence there will be no residues such as abrasives or wastewater.

Where to find it?
Advanced Auto Werkz Pte Ltd (Workshop)
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It is a non-intrusive process with no other disassembling of engine parts required
Walnut blasting

Crushed Walnut shells/powder is a natural polish material. The hardness of this material is lower than metal but higher than carbon deposits. Blasting the walnut powder into your engine will thoroughly clean your intake and valves without damaging any metals.

Do not worry about walnut powder residue, as everything that doesn't need to be in your engine will get sucked out by a closed-loop vacuum connected back to the Walnut blasting machine. 

Where to find it?
Doctor Gearbox Autos Specialist
Chip Soon Auto Supply Co Pte Ltd
Godspeed AutoTechnik
Motoserv Pte Ltd
Prowerkz Garage Pte Ltd

TerraClean is excellent for revitalising your engine's performance, power, and fuel efficiency

TerraClean is exceptionally effective in cleaning the injection system of the engine as well as the inlet valves. 

It helps to remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, exhaust, catalytic converters or cats and sensors by converting the carbon into carbon monoxide, which then leaves the engine through the tailpipe.

TerraClean is undoubtedly good for the maintenance of your car. Contrary to some belief, it is not a car modification as it does not increase your car's original performance. 

Where to find it?
Eclipse Auto Pte Ltd
Edwin Garage 
Mods Ministry
Hydrogen therapy can naturally cleanse the car engine in the most sustainable organic way
NEUTO Hydrogen therapy

NEUTO is the world's first patented Smart Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System that can effectively diagnose, prescribe, monitor, and clean the car engine with pure and dry hydrogen gas stored in the 'Solid State Metal Hydride Canister'.

Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy removes stubborn micro molecular carbon layers at hard-to-reach places like air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plug without causing any damage to the car engine wall and components in the engine.

However, do note that this is exclusively only for vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines.

Where to find it?
Pro-Jex V2D Auto Pte Ltd
Racing Technik Exhaust Specialist
D Motorwerkz Pte Ltd
Sludgenizer hails from Japan, and you know what they say about Japanese products - they are the best
Sludgenizer NV20

Sludgenizer NV20 originates from Japan and can flush sludge, soft carbon, and other contaminants from your car's engine, giving it renewed life.

The application of the Sludgenizer NV20 goes through a linear process: Washing, soaking and then rising. A special fluid formulated for Sludgenizer is infused by high wave pressure into the engine, removing sludge and other contaminants. This specially formulated fluid can decompose sludge that may not come off during the washing phase. Then, the fluid is infused into the engine to rinse off the remaining sludge and debris left from the first two steps to ensure the engine is entirely fresh and clean.

Where to find it?
VisionSphere Pte Ltd
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