Recommended coilover & suspension brands for better car handling
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Aftermarket coilovers are one of the most popular car modifications for enthusiasts. Installing a good set of coilovers can also improve your handling and even your tyre life!

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Aftermarket coilovers are one of the most popular car modifications for enthusiasts. Paired with an aftermarket big brake kit (BBK), it can transform your otherwise normie-looking ride into something fierce and stylish. Installing a good set of coilovers can also improve your handling and even your tyre life!

But, before you rush off to get a set of coilovers, here are some brands you can consider and where to go to get them installed.
BC Racing

The writer uses the BCBR series with zero complaints
When it comes to value for money coils, you might want to consider the popular BC Racing line of coilovers.

Not only are the shocks 30-way adjustable for compression and rebound, but they also come with adjustable camber plates to ensure that you can keep your alignment in check after lowering your car. The Taiwan-based company also makes a spread of diverse types, ranging from the base-level BR series up to their track-focused ZR series model.

Where to buy: Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6844 4281 / 6844 4282 / 9845 7540
Address: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-01 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore (408934)

The Kontrol Pro (Ksport's entry-level coilovers) is perfect for people new to the car modification world
While Ksport might not be as common as some other brands in Singapore, it offers a wide range of coilovers to suit your car.

With 36 levels of dampening adjustment, adjustable lowering mounts, and a pillow ball design to eliminate noise, it's something you should consider!

Where to buy: Racing Technik Exhaust Specialist
Contact number(s): 6844 4644 / 8388 9880
Address: 51 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-02 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore (408933)
Rage performance

RAGE only uses a very high-quality oil with its coilovers
The RAGE Dampers use a large 44mm diameter piston in a 50mm diameter damper body to maximize oil capacity.

RAGE goes an extra mile to maximise performance by building its damper's range with a large 50mm diameter damper body. In doing so, it increases the unit's capacity, which increases the volume of oil contained, which in turn reduces the peak temperature and significantly improves damper performance.

Where to Buy: RAGE Performance Technik
Contact number(s): 9800 2233 / 6970 9376
Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-25 Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Singapore (415875)

If you drive a Korean car, you might want to consider a set of Tanabe coilovers
Tanabe coils strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, performance, and comfort. The coilovers from Tanabe are a street-friendly and affordable option for those not looking to explode their bank accounts for mods.

Its coilovers feature a special tapered locknut that prevents it from becoming loose during harsh driving. It also comes with a twin-tube design and 40-way adjustable KYB dampers.

Where to Buy: Jeep Chee Trading Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6745 4700 / 9635 0350
Address: Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 S(408701)
GECKO Racing

Gecko coilovers will serve no problem even if you drive an older make and model from BMW, Audi, and VW
Gecko utilises the best materials and manufacturing processes to satisfy all performance requirements. Its range of coilovers extends to most Japanese, European, Australian, and American-built vehicles.

All its models come with adjustable dampers. Paired with its Mono-tube Shock design, drivers can expect additional performance if they have an aggressive driving style. GECKO coilovers also have a larger oil capacity, meaning you get a stable damping force with improved heat dissipation.

Where to Buy: Dynamics Mechanic Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6363 5112
Address: 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-03/04, Singapore (757514)

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While they may be easily accessible in Singapore, Bilstein coilover setup can easily cost more than $2,000
The German coilover company, Bilstein, has been in the aftermarket suspension game for a long time and continues to offer a wide variety of coilovers to suit any driving style.

Their EVO S Street Performance suspensions not only look good, but it also lets you sit low in comfort yet look sporty on the street.

Where to Buy: Tye Soon Limited
Contact number(s): 6567 8105
Address: 3C Toh Guan Road East Tye Soon Building, Singapore (608832)

HKS coilovers suits everyday street use for a wide range of vehicles and are extremely versatile
HKS is another major player in the Japanese tuner scene, known for their Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru performance upgrades. HKS coilovers offer 30-way damping with a more-than-adequate amount of height adjustment.

Stiff enough to eliminate body roll on winding roads but soft enough to keep the ride comfortable.

Where to Buy: Garage R Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6453 9136
Address: 8 Tagore Drive #01-00, Singapore (787624)

The most basic V1 range comes in around $2,000 and the most expensive is $7,000
KW has been in the industry for over 25 years. The KW Variant 3 coilover offers both height adjustment and an infinitely variable compression and rebound adjustment of the shocks to ensure you get the perfect setup for your driving style.

The company provides many different coilovers for any budget.

Where to Buy: Advantage VAG
Contact number(s): 6515 9515
Address: 48 Toh Guan Rd E #05-135 Enterprise Hub, Singapore (608586)

If you are on a tight modifying budget but looking for a high-quality set of coilovers, this is a brand you must consider
Vogtland is another German brand you can consider. Vogtland is excellent for street use and gives you a lot of freedom with its adjusting ability. Its unique design can improve the ride quality and performance of your car.

Driving from point A to B or thinking of pushing your car to the limit? No problem! Its compound spring rate allows for a comfortable, sporty ride under any driving conditions.

Where to Buy: TSG Motorworks
Contact number(s): 9180 3549 / 6635 3549
Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-06 Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Singapore (415875)

If you Google Eibach, you'll notice that the first few products that appear will be its lowering springs
Eibach is another household name in the aftermarket suspension industry. 

Eibach is a very well-known company that creates some truly incredible products. From lowering springs for street driving to complete coilover setups for the track, Eibach carries pretty much any suspension setup you feel like running.

Where to Buy: Godspeed AutoTechnik
Contact number(s): 8228 2877
Address: 15 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-51 Bartley Biz Centre, Singapore (417808)
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