The car rental business in Singapore is booming this CNY! Here are the best cars to rent before they are all gone!
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With CNY just around the corner, many opt for car rentals in Singapore. Here are some popular models to consider. Hurry before they are all snapped up!

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A large part of Chinese New Year celebrations consist of visitations to friends and family members' homes, dressed in stylish new clothes, bringing mandarin oranges and other goodies along. While you can surely complete all the activities by taking public transport, having a car would surely make things much easier and enjoyable - surely you would prefer to keep those swanky new clothes crease free.

If you do not have a car at your disposal, you can consider car rental during the Chinese New Year period. And even if you do, you can consider renting a nicer car, or a larger one to haul the entire extended family about as well! We have curated a list of common rental cars that will be perfect for your Chinese New Year errands! Oh, if you have the need to rent a car to go into JB (Johor Bahru), many of these budget car rental choices will also allow you to do so at an added cost.

*Car models and rental cost are based on currently available advertisements in Sgcarmart's car rental section, and do not account for any price adjustments or surcharge for the Holidays or other reasons.

SUV and Crossovers offer increased ground clearance and an elevated driving position. This provides a driving experience where you would be able to see further ahead, offering peace of mind while driving. Additionally, one of the best benefits of SUVs and Crossovers is the ease of ingress and egress due to the taller ride height - perfect for fetching elderly members of your family.

Some car models you could rent:

Honda Vezel
The Vezel is a popular choice in Singapore

A highly practical and reasonably-priced crossover, the Honda Vezel is a common sight on Singapore roads.

It's simple yet stylish design along with an interior that sits five adults in relative comfort makes it a good choice. With a rental rate from as low as $65 a day, the Vezel is a great budget car rental choice.

Daily rental rate: from $65
Fuel consumption: 20km/L

Subaru Forester
With Subaru's famed all-wheel drive system, the Forester offers a stable and safe drive

Equipped with all-wheel drive, the Subaru Forester is an SUV that is actually capable off-road and not just for show.

Moreover, even if you don't find yourself driving through loose terrain, the all-wheel drive system also results in improved traction on wet roads.

Daily rental rate: from $85
Fuel consumption: 11.8km/L

Toyota C-HR
As opposed to the Vezel, the Toyota C-HR has an interesting and unique design

Introduced to Singapore slightly after most people have fallen in love with the Honda Vezel, the C-HR was touted as a game changer.

You see, unlike the Toyota cars that many were familiar with, the C-HR sports a radical and unique design that sets it apart from its competition. If you are looking for a stylish SUV to get around, this might just be the one.

Daily rental rate: from $90
Fuel consumption: 15.6km/L

Toyota Yaris Cross
Did you know the Yaris Cross has a 5-star safety rating?

The Yaris Cross is a reasonably priced compact crossover that's easy to drive. If you were to opt for a Hybrid Yaris Cross, you'll be able to enjoy plenty of savings thanks to its outstanding fuel economy as well.

With the Yaris Cross, you can be sure of a safe drive thanks to its safety systems and 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP.

Daily rental rate: from $69
Fuel consumption: 20.2km/L - 26.3km/L (hybrid)

A Sedan is the archetypal car shape - when we were kids we used to draw cars as three combined boxes with two round wheels, and that's the general shape of a sedan. Sedans are simple and easy to drive and will usually fit up to five in relative comfort. There is a rear boot which keeps cargo separated from the cabin, so you can truly load it all up with everything you need to bring about, be it crates of mandarin oranges, or food without stinking up the interior. Being a common car type, you'll likely be able to find a suitable one for rental and, chances are, the rental cost wouldn't be too expensive as well.

Some car models you could rent:

Mitsubishi Attrage
The Attrage is not only affordable, but easy to drive as well

For the longest time, the Mitsubishi Attrage was a really good proposition, being the most affordable car you can get here. As a result, it also translates to low rental rates for such a new car.

However, its low cost isn't the only plus point, being a compact sedan, manoeuvring it is about as easy as can get. You won't have to worry about visiting places with tight parking.

Daily rental rate: from $70
Fuel consumption: 20.4km/L

Toyota Corolla Altis
Toyota's Altis has been one of the most popular family sedans in Singapore since its introduction

The Altis is a perfectly-sized family sedan that will sit five adults while remaining easy to drive. With the world-renown reliability of Toyota, a smooth, hassle-free drive can be assured.

While it isn't anything fancy, what the Altis offers is an easy and practical drive to get you where you need to get to. If you were to opt an older Altis (as the model pictured) it would be one of the cheapest car rental you can find as well.

Daily rental rate: from $50
Fuel consumption: 12.8km/L

Toyota Prius Hybrid
With a fuel consumption of 27km/L, the Prius Hybrid is an economical choice

Toyota's Prius is the brand's famous hybrid car. In fact, it was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. The Prius is a common sight on Singapore's roads, thanks to its amazing fuel consumption.

If you are intending to visit many locations during Chinese New Year, opting for the Prius Hybrid will be a good idea, especially when you consider the cost of petrol these days.

Daily rental rate: from $77
Fuel consumption: 27km/L

Toyota Vios
Despite being rather compact and easy to drive, the Toyota Vios can fit five with relative ease

Larger than the Attrage, yet smaller than the Altis, the Vios is yet another popular choice in Singapore.

You'll still be able to fit five reasonably-sized adults in it, but limiting the rear space to two passengers would allow for more wiggle room. The easy-to-drive nature of the Vios makes it perfect for getting about. The low cost also makes it a great choice if you are looking for a cheap car rental in Singapore.

Daily rental rate: from $50
Fuel consumption: 14.3km/L
Executive/Luxury Sedan

If you are looking to drive something fancier, with more space and amenities to offer a comfortable ride, you should look into executive or luxury sedans. While such cars can be quite a fair bit costlier than renting a compact sedan, you'll get to arrive at your friends and relatives' place in style. With Chinese New Year being a yearly affair, it wouldn't be too much to splurge a little and pamper your family and yourself with a luxurious and enjoyable ride.

Some car models you could rent:

Audi A5 Sportback
A stylish fastback to complement your stylish new clothes - excellent!

The A5 Sportback is a stylish fastback. Its long, sleek silhouette and frameless doors ensure you'll turn up in impeccable style for your Chinese New Year visitations.

With a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine producing over 200bhp, you won't be late as well.

Daily rental rate: from $120
Fuel consumption: 13.4km/L

BMW 3 Series
You simply can't go wrong with a BMW 3 Series!

The BMW 3 Series is one of the best sedans that you can get. Being a BMW, you know that driving it will be a pleasant experience, thanks to the dynamically-inclined nature of these cars.

If you are thinking of renting a car for Chinese New Year, it is a sound idea to take the opportunity to try out one of these fine German machines.

Daily rental rate: from $100
Fuel consumption: 17.2km/L (320i)

BMW 5 Series
Love the 3 Series, but want even more space and sophistication? Here's the 5 Series!

If you want something that's a little larger and offers even more comfort than a 3 Series, why not consider the BMW 5 Series.

Like the 3 Series, it will still offer a great driving experience, along with added practicality.

Daily rental rate: from $125
Fuel consumption: 15.6km/L (520i)

Toyota Camry Hybrid
A higher tier Toyota, the Camry won't disappoint when it comes to ride quality

If you want something from Toyota that is larger than the Vios and the Altis, the next step up will be the Toyota Camry.

With the Camry, you can expect a higher level of refinement and equipment, to offer a comfortable and pampered drive.

Daily rental rate: from $100
Fuel consumption: 16.4km/L

MPVs are the ultimate people haulers - these things are usually designed to sit seven. If you are expecting to fetch the extended family or plenty of friends around during Chinese New Year, getting an MPV might be the most suitable option. These days, MPVs come in different sizes. Depending on your needs and preference, you can opt for smaller, more manoeuvrable MPVs such as the Toyota Sienta, or other larger MPVs if you desire the comfort and hauling capacity.

Some car models you could rent:

BMW 216i Gran Tourer
BMW's MPV won't disappoint you and your passengers

If you have actually noticed, there are quite a number of 216i Gran Tourers on our roads. And there's a good reason why.

The 2 Series Gran Tourer was one of the most affordable options within BMW's line up, and it is available as a three-row MPV that seats seven!

Daily rental rate: from $128
Fuel consumption: 16.6km/L (216i Sport)

Toyota Noah Hybrid
The boxy-looking Noah Hybrid offers plenty of room for its passengers

The Noah Hybrid has a boxy design, which might be rather boring to some. But it is with such a simple design that the Noah is able to offer a spacious cabin that will seat seven comfortably, with ample legroom and headroom.

If you are expecting to ferry family and friends around, or want the perfect car to go shopping with, you won't go wrong with the Noah Hybrid!

Daily rental rate: from $100
Fuel consumption: 23.8km/L

Toyota Sienta
This cheerful-looking MPV is the perfect ride to go visiting in

A hot favourite of Private-Hire Car Drivers, the Sienta is a cheerful MPV that can seat six comfortably. Equipped with power sliding doors and strong air-conditioning, this is a great choice to go visiting in Singapore.

While its fuel economy is already praise-worthy, you can opt for the hybrid variant for even more fuel savings.

Daily rental rate: from $65
Fuel consumption: 20.2km/L – 27.2km/L(hybrid)
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