Why sgCarMart Warranty

Goodbye to Hefty
Repair Bills

We cover the most expensive-to-
repair parts; the engine, drive axle
and transmission

Inspection Passed

The car would have passed a
comprehensive check, ensuring
that it's problem free!

Repair Workshops All
Over The Island

We have many specialised
workshops that can repair your car.
View the full list here


We ensure that only independent
and reputable workshops
handle any repair work.

100% Assurance
on Claims

Backed by Tokio Marine, a leading
global insurance company

No Restriction on
Servicing Workshop

Do your regular car servicing at
ANY workshop with no fear of
voiding your warranty

If you are buying a car labelled with sgCarMart Warranty, you need to ask the dealer to activate the warranty to start the coverage. Remember to do so before you purchase the car.

Warranty Coverage

Covers car repair costs up to $10,000
6, 12 and 24-month warranty available!

The sgCarMart warranty covers all labour and part costs of the most expensive components to repair in a car for up to $10,000. Over 100 parts are covered; view the full list here. Issues can be conveniently fixed at our panel of repair workshops.

Engine Transmission Drive Axle

sgCarMart Warranty vs Lemon Law

When buying a car, depending on the lemon law alone for protection is not sufficient.
Warranty Lemon Law
Pre-purchase Inspection
Independent Administrator
Coverage Beyond 6 Months
Simple Claim Process
Cars with sgCarMart Warranty

Always ask your preferred dealer for sgCarMart Warranty

Eligible for all passenger cars less than 9 years old.
You can get this warranty through most car dealers in Singapore.
Remember to ask your dealer to include the warranty before you commit to the car purchase. Dealer needs to activate the warranty to start the coverage.

Always ask your preferred dealer for sgCarMart Warranty

Eligible for all passenger cars less than 9 years old.
You can get this warranty through most car dealers in Singapore.
Remember to ask your dealer to include the warranty before you commit to the car purchase. Dealer needs to activate the warranty to start the coverage.

How to get warranty

Once you decide on the car to buy, ask the dealer to include sgCarMart warranty with the purchase.
The dealer will book the warranty package and send the car for the pre-warranty inspection.
On the day you collect the car, the dealer will activate the warranty coverage for you.
Acknowledge the confirmation email to receive your warranty e-certificate.
Get $50 cashback when your warranty is activated. You will receive a Whatsapp asking for your PayNow details.
Valid until 28 Feb 2022
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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

New cars usually come with a 3-year distributor warranty. However, statistics show that cars tend to break down after the third year.

The sgCarMart Warranty is underwritten by Tokio Marine, a leading global insurance company with a strong presence in Singapore. Car buyers can now purchase used cars with peace of mind.

The sgCarMart Warranty is only available for car dealerships. It is not available for consumers (yet) for direct purchase. Before committing to any used car, you should always ask your dealer to bundle the Warranty as part of the car purchase.

For dealer cars listed on www.sgcarmart.com, look out for the sgCarMart Warranty label. Check with the dealer if the car has passed inspection and is certified to be fault-free.

Do note that only your dealer can activate the Warranty for you. Activation of the Warranty will typically be done during the handover of the car.

When the dealer activates the Warranty on your behalf, you will receive an acknowledgement email. Click the link in the email and submit your acknowledgement. Once it is done, you will receive an e-copy of the Warranty booklet and Warranty certificate.

The sgCarMart Warranty is a third-party independent warranty that does not come from a workshop or dealership.

The workshops will submit the repair bill to us, and we will pay for the repairs!

This is unlike other warranty programs where the warranty provider is also the repair workshop and therefore may scrimp on repairs to lower costs. With a sgCarMart Warranty, we take out any potential conflict of interests and give the customer only the best.

Furthermore, you are free to choose where you would like to service your car without worrying about voiding your warranty.

sgCarMart Warranty starts as low as $250. The price varies depending on the duration of coverage you choose and the make and model of the car.

Most cars registered under nine years with less than 200,000-kilometre mileage will be eligible for the Warranty.

Certain sports and rare cars will not be eligible for sgCarMart Warranty. These include (but not limited to): Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce. Cars used for commercial purposes will also not be eligible.

Vehicles classified under Z10/Z11/R10/R11 (commercial or rental car insurance) will have to convert to a normal passenger car category N18/N19/P10/P11 (private car insurance) within seven days of ownership. If not, the car will not be eligible for Warranty coverage.

Private hire vehicles (PHV) or cars meant for commercial purposes are not eligible for the Warranty.

Of course! Assurant, a Fortune 500 company, administers sgCarMart's Warranty program, and Tokio Marine, a leading global insurance company, underwrites this program.

The beauty of the sgCarMart Warranty program is that there will not be a conflict of interests with the Warranty provider and the repair workshop. The most important thing is you, the customer.

It covers the electrical and mechanical failure of the most expensive components to repair or replace in a car - engine (petrol, diesel, turbo or supercharged, hybrid, electric), drive axle and transmission systems. The sgCarMart Warranty will cover all labour and parts costs required.

For a detailed breakdown, please refer to the list here.

Select from 6, 12 or 24-month coverage.

Cars under the 6-month Warranty coverage are entitled to ONE claim not exceeding $10,000.

Cars with coverage for 12-months or more may make an unlimited number of claims as long as the maximum accumulated claim does not exceed $10,000.

For a 6-month Warranty package - the Warranty will cover the car for the first 10,000 km (after purchase) or 6-months, whichever comes first.

For a 12-month Warranty package and above - the Warranty will cover the car until it clocks in 250,000km (based on the odometer reading) or until the duration of the Warranty, whichever comes first.

No. Go to any workshop you like! The sgCarMart Warranty does not limit you to specific partnered workshops. Remember to service your car according to the manufacturer's recommendations and always keep a copy of the service records/receipts.

As part of the on-boarding process, an inspection is required to pick out pre-existing faults. You will need to repair the faults before your car can be eligible for the sgCarMart Warranty program.

Yes, you can. Transfer of ownership is allowed for Warranty plans of 12-months and above.

Upon successful sale of your car and transfer of ownership, you will need to submit an Insurer's Transfer of Ownership Form to Assurant, the Warranty programme administrator, together with a transfer fee of 50 SGD within 14 days after the transfer.

You may contact Assurant's hotline at 8001012917.

No, you do not. With sgCarMart Warranty, there are ZERO upfront repair costs. The repair workshop will bill sgCarMart directly.

If your car has a mechanical or electrical problem, you will need to call us at 8001012917 to report the issue. Once we understand the nature of the issue, we will assign you to a workshop best equipped to repair your car at the quickest time.

If you require a tow, the customer service representative from the hotline will coordinate and provide the contact details of the repairer for towing. You will have to pay for the towing charges.

Don't worry! There will be no charges incurred for a check.

If we do find a fault covered under the sgCarMart Warranty, we will repair the defect for you at no charge.

If the fault falls outside the scope of the sgCarMart Warranty, the workshop will inform you of the costs, and they will only proceed with the repairs should you wish to.

No. Workshops will spare no expense to repair your car. Why? Because they don't need to worry about collecting money from you. They only need to submit the repair bill to us, and we will pay for the repairs!

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Buy a car protected by
sgCarMart Used Car Warranty

sgCarMart Used Car Warranty offers protection to car owners by helping to pay for repair bills. There is a large panel of repair workshops to choose from for repairs with absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses. The warranty program is administered by Assurant, a Fortune 500 company, and underwritten by Tokio Marine, a leading global insurance company.

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