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Jeep unwraps the different tastes of life

Textured Tastes of Life

13 Apr 2015 | Features

In an era of accelerated influence, cars are no longer a mere mode of transport, but rather a representation of the owner's status, style and taste in life.

Problematic used car dealer resurfaces

Used car dealer with credit problems may be back

18 Apr 2015 | Other News

More than a month after reports of its errant activities came to light, used car dealer Cars Today may have resurfaced.

Increase in number of taxis stopping illegally

More taxis caught stopping illegally by CCTV cameras

18 Apr 2015 | Other News

The installation of closed-circuit television cameras by the Land Transport Authority has led to a spike in summonses issued to taxis that stop illegally.

Premium school bus popular among parents

Strong demand for premium school bus service

18 Apr 2015 | Other News

A newly launched premium school bus service, which can help shorten students' commute time between home and school by up to 40 percent, is seeing strong demand.

COE prices may not fall

Revised CEVS and demand from ageing cars' owners buoying COE prices

18 Apr 2015 | COE News

Despite a huge spike in Certificates of Entitlement supply, most automotive dealers are not expecting premiums to drop.

More efficient Maserati flagship

Maserati launches more efficient Quattroporte in Singapore

18 Apr 2015 | Maserati News

A new downsized engine has found its way under the hood of Maserati's flagship sedan, the Quattroporte, and promises better efficiency and less emissions.

Peugeot's 308 gets supercar power

Peugeot's award-winning 308 gets all-wheel drive and supercar power

18 Apr 2015 | Peugeot News

Badged the Peugeot 308 R HYbrid, it has been developed by Peugeot Sport, the brand's famous in-house engineering and racing division.

Merrymaking with the new Meriva

Road Test - Opel Meriva 1.4 Turbo (A)

17 Apr 2015 | Opel Reviews

Can the cool rearward-opening doors and the new 1.4-litre turbocharged engine of the Opel Meriva help it to outshine the rest in its class?

Subaru's Outback is a first-class space cadet

Road Test - Subaru Outback 2.5i-S (A)

15 Apr 2015 | Subaru Reviews

Subaru's new Outback crossover is suitably sized for the family, with a cavernous boot to fulfil any lifestyle need.

Hyundai latest marketing campaign uses cars to sen...

Hyundai latest marketing campaign uses cars to sen...

17 Apr 2015 | MyAutoBlog

Hyundai latest mission wants to deliver a little girlís message to her astronaut dad space, and boy have they got a plan, "thatís out of this world".

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition gets officia...

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition gets officia...

17 Apr 2015 | MyAutoBlog

Mitsubishi is sending off its most celebrated model with the Final Edition you see here. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as cool as the concept.

Enjoy the convenience of car ownership

K-Auto Care puts convenience in the driver's hands

16 Apr 2015 | Features

When it comes to car ownership, K-Auto Care's comprehensive suite of automotive services will give car owners a greater peace of mind.

Honda HR-V to rock the compact crossover world

Honda launches the much-awaited HR-V in Singapore

17 Apr 2015 | Honda News

The highly-anticipated Honda HR-V has been launched in Singapore, combining a chic, urban image of a crossover with genuine practicality for the family.

Volkswagen Golf GTI on steroids

Volkswagen teases GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo concept

14 Apr 2015 | Volkswagen News

Volkswagen is preparing to unveil yet another GTI-based Vision concept for the virtual reality world of Gran Turismo, previewed in this latest teaser.

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