The BMW 5 Series goes the distance

Going the distance in a BMW 5 Series

20 Jul 2017 | Features

We take the all new BMW 5 Series 520d Luxury on a 1,000km journey up north to find out what makes it the world's leading business sedan.

MCF enjoys a night with Volkswagen's finest

MyCarForum enjoys a night with Volkswagen's finest

08 Aug 2017 | Features

The MCF Hangout with Volkswagen gave MCF members the chance to test drive various Volkswagen models, as well as better understand the engineering behind them.

Hyundai offers glimpse into hydrogen fuel cell SUV

Hyundai offers a glimpse into its next generation fuel cell SUV

19 Aug 2017 | Hyundai News

Hyundai has revealed its next generation sport utility vehicle, which uses the company's fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell technology, in South Korea.

BMW unveils Concept Z4 and Concept 8 Series

BMW unveils the BMW Concept Z4 and Concept 8 Series at Pebble Beach

19 Aug 2017 | BMW News

BMW celebrated the world premiere of the Concept Z4 Roadster and U.S.A premiere of the Concept 8 Series at the Monterey Car Week at Pebble Beach.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and a total solar eclipse

Mitsubishi will attempt to photograph two eclipses in a single shot

18 Aug 2017 | Mitsubishi News

Mitsubishi Motors will be attempting to capture the perfect shot of the Eclipse Cross during the total solar eclipse, happening on 21st August in the U.S.A.

Vintage racers at Thoroughbred & Vintage auction

Thoroughbred & Vintage auction to feature three rare vintage racers

18 Aug 2017 | Jaguar News

The Thoroughbred & Vintage auction will feature a Jaguar XK120 Alloy Competition Roadster, a Sauber Mercedes C9 and a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster.

LTA reports decal-modifying service

Land Transport Authority reports decal-modifying service

18 Aug 2017 | LTA News

The LTA has lodged a police report against a Carousell user offering to modify decals used by private-hire drivers so they can be removed.

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New Clio takes on Volkswagen Group compacts

Comparison - Renault Clio 1.2T & Seat Ibiza 1.0 EcoTSI & Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI

18 Aug 2017 | Renault Reviews

The Renault Clio's funky styling and new petrol powertrain make it a strong contender, but how does it fare against the Seat Ibiza and the Volkswagen Polo?

Stiffer, better upgrade for the Subaru XV

Car Review - Subaru XV 1.6i-S (A)

16 Aug 2017 | Subaru Reviews

The new Subaru XV is much improved in terms of stiffness, comfort and overall quality, and is underpinned by the new Subaru Global Platform.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon features in awesome Pen...

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon features in awesome Pen...

15 Aug 2017 | MyAutoBlog

Pennzoil's ad has always been lovely with its great photography and editing. Here's their latest ad featuring the mad Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

How much distance can you squeeze out of an empty ...

How much distance can you squeeze out of an empty ...

14 Aug 2017 | MyAutoBlog

Most cars today come with trip computers that can estimate the amount of distance you can still go when the fuel light comes on. But is it accurate?

In a Nutshell: Pre-Euro 6 car discounts

In a Nutshell: Bargains up, car stock down with stiffer emissions rules

15 Aug 2017 | Car Buying

The Euro 6 ruling offers car buyers some bargains, but also triggers headaches. Here's what you need to know in a nutshell and why you should care.

Five great activities at BMW's Alpine xDrive

Five priceless experiences at BMW's Alpine xDrive that you shouldn't miss

17 Aug 2017 | Features

Here are five insanely cool happenings during the BMW Alpine xDrive Experience, which we missed due to unfortunate weather.

Genesis app for the Google Assistant

Genesis introduces new app with Google Assistant compatibility

18 Aug 2017 | Hyundai News

The introduction of the new Genesis app for the Google Assistant allows for more connectivity with Genesis cars through a host of remote technologies.

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