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Planning to sell your car to a used car dealer? sgCarMart Quotz helps owners to fetch the best price for their cars without any hassle.

17 Mar 2015 | Category: Car Selling Advice

Besides trading in their old cars at the time of a new purchase, the most popular avenue for motorists to sell off their pre-owned rides is directly to used car dealers.

Well-versed with how the trade works, dealers can help to take care of troublesome paperwork while fetching decent returns for car owners. With over 600 used car dealers in Singapore, knowing which one to sell to is an art that can help car owners fetch a price difference of between five to 15 percent.

This is because the purchase prices offered by dealers can differ greatly. Try asking a used car dealer who specialises in Japanese cars to buy your BMW, and he will likely play on the safe side and quote you a low and conservative price as he is unfamiliar with the car.

sgCarMart Quotz helps more than 400 car owners to sell their cars each month

Moreover, dealers are prone to overpromise on the car price over the phone and may not honour it when it comes to the actual deal, hence making price comparison difficult and time-consuming.

To help owners who are looking to sell their cars maximise returns, sgCarMart Quotz offers a unique service that puts pre-owned cars up for bidding to used car dealers for a small service fee of $38 and no additional charges. To date, more than 600 dealers are taking part in this bidding system.

By driving up competition between used car dealers, cars sold via this channel are able to fetch higher prices. With car owners in mind, the entire process is also designed to be as hassle-free as possible.

The team at sgCarMart Quotz will assess your car so that car dealers are able to offer a better and more accurate price for your ride

Lynn Chua, Assistant Manager at sgCarMart Quotz, explains, "First, make an appointment to bring your car down. Next, we will assess the condition of the owner's car and take note of parameters that are important to used car dealers, such as the quality of paintwork and if the car needs any repairing or replacement of parts."
"The car will then be listed on a bidding system, which more than 600 used car dealers have access to. The bidding will close by 5:30pm on the next working day, and we will notify the owner of the final bid price. If the owner is satisfied with the price, the dealer will then contact him directly to carry out the transaction," Lynn added.

The advantage of sgCarMart Quotz's 'Sell by Bidding' service is that the owner has no obligation to accept the final price. The owner also has the flexibility of choosing his preferred handover date of the car. Quotz recommends the handover to be done within two weeks.

Parameters that are important to used car dealers, such as the quality of paintwork, are taken into consideration

sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest price in the market. If you manage to sell your vehicle at a higher price elsewhere, it will give you $100 in cash.

sgCarMart Quotz is renowned for its efficiency, convenience and value-add to its customers. It helps more than 400 car owners to sell their cars each month. Judging from numerous testimonials on its Facebook page, users have positive experiences with the service.

The company is also the sole official vehicle auction platform for Government agencies such as the National Environment Agency.

Mr. Jeffery Ang (right), Manager of Lake View Used Car Trading, finds the open bidding system useful and effective when it comes to sourcing for cars

sgCarMart Quotz (Quotz Pte. Ltd.)

sgCarMart Quotz is located at 61 Ubi Ave 2, Automobile Megamart, #07-06 Singapore (408898) and contactable at 6744 7571. It operates from 10:30am to 6:30pm daily and is a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

*This article was updated on 12th March 2018.
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