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When it comes to selling your car in Singapore, what can you do that will help you get the most money back? We take a look at car consignment and other options.

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Buying and selling a car is an inevitable part of car ownership. Unlike almost everywhere else in the world, it is slightly more complicated in Singapore due to the 10-year Certificate of Entitlement (COE) life spans on our cars.

The sale process can be time consuming due to amount of paperwork involved and with the introduction of the new Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) rulings that require a minimum down payment of 30 percent in order to purchase a car, it might cause some of us a few sleepless nights.

Dollars and sense

In order for a successful transfer of car ownership, all financials have to be settled, meaning that there cannot be an existing outstanding loan on the car. 

There are many things to take note when it comes to selling your car, such as the condition and paperwork involved

Either buyer or seller, depending on the agreement made, has to ensure that the car has a valid road tax and the insurance policy of the new owner has to be activated. Only then will the Land Transport Authority approve of the transfer.

For first-time sellers, it might seem like rocket science but fret not. Our guide on how to sell your pre-loved machine will help you understand the system of how things work, without getting ripped off.

Selling by consignment

Consigning your car is allowing a dealer to sell the car on your behalf, but retaining legal ownership of the car until it is sold.

Depending on the modus operandi of the dealers, you may or may not have to leave your car at their showroom. Leaving your car at the showroom would allow the sale process to be faster as interested buyers who have seen the advertisement can go down and have a look at it whenever they can. It will however, inconvenience you if you do not have a spare car to use. Putting your car at the dealership also exposes it to walk-in customers.

Some dealers do not require you to leave your car with them. However, if there is an interested buyer who wants to view your car, you will have to take some time out of your day to drive down to the dealership. This can be a troublesome process that can go on for months.

The benefits of consigning your car to a dealer is having someone experienced handle the entire sale process for you, from the advertisement, handling of enquiries from potential buyers and documentations when a sale is made.

Dealers usually take a cut from the sale of the car, ranging from a flat fee of $500 to one percent of the final selling price, depending on the consignment agreement. Also depending on the arrangement made, the consignment dealer may or may not assist in the touching up of your car's paintwork and grooming before handing the car over to the new owner.

Consignment programmes allow you to sit back and relax while the dealer handles the sale for you

Touch-ups to the car are usually by the buyer's request and will most probably knock a few dollars off your asking price. Apart from the financial, insurance and paperwork support, it is such repair and grooming work a dealer is able to assist with that makes the sale of your car much easier. After all, nobody wants to purchase a car that would require the hassle of wear and tear rectifications.

Most sellers forget that on top of their consigned car, dealers have a fleet of cars that need to be sold, too. So if you do decide to consign your car for sale. Don't be too hard on your dealer, they too are trying to get the best price at the shortest possible time for you.

Direct selling

Selling your vehicle as a direct owner to buyer guarantees you the most financial returns but it takes time and comes with a little paperwork hassle. The first step would be to get your vehicle noticed. Most people ignore the importance of good-quality pictures but a good shot of your car is half the sale made. Bring your car for a wash and a vacuum before doing so. Nobody likes looking at a dimly lit photo of a dirty car. Once that is done, you can post an advertisement on

Selling to a direct buyer can be quite an enjoyable process if you know how to do it right. Post an ad on sgCarMart here

Standard ads cost $58 until it's sold while Star ads, which guarantee high exposure for your sale, cost $98. When doing up the description of your car, put in a little effort and make your advertisement stand out from the rest. Include details like how often it is serviced and if there are any interesting modifications done to it. The more detailed your advertisement, there will be lesser chances of insincere buyers calling you and asking you irrelevant questions.
When you have struck a deal with a buyer, has all the supporting documents that you need to complete your sale. These forms include an indemnity formsales agreement, invoice, handover form and an LTA transfer form (M01).

Ensure all paperwork is signed properly to avoid any legal problems after the sale. Should you have any trouble while posting your advertisement, there are instructions online that should help you understand how to go about it.

If all else fails, you can come down to our office at 61 Ubi Ave 2 #07-06 Automobile Megamart from 10:30am to 7:00pm daily where our staff will assist you in photographing your car and posting the advertisement at no additional charges.

When you have struck a deal with a buyer, has all the supporting documents that you need to complete your sale. These forms include an indemnity form, sales agreement, invoice, handover form and an LTA transfer form (M01). Ensure all paperwork is signed properly to avoid any legal problems after the sale. Should you have any trouble while posting your advertisement, there are instructions online that should help you understand how to go about it.

Direct selling in our opinion is way to get the best price for your vehicle. Not only do you get more from it than selling it to a dealer but in a way, you get to pick the future owner of your car. Pretty sure nobody wants to see their car on the road in bad condition after the sale.

Trade-in for another car at a used car dealership

If you have already been in the market for your next car and found what you wanted at a used car dealership or an authorised dealer, you can trade in your existing car to offset the cost of your next purchase. This is a quick and easy process as the dealership will handle all the loan, paperwork and transfers. However, that convenience comes at the cost of getting less for your car as compared to selling it yourself.

Trading-in your car for another is a quick and easy process that can be handled by the dealer

If you are doubtful of the condition of the car you want to buy. Insist on sending the vehicle either to your regular workshop for your mechanics to have a look at. Alternatively, STA Inspection (STA) also offers a thorough evaluation service for a fee.

Selling to a dealer

Pushing your vehicle to a used car dealer is the fastest and most convenient way to get it off your hands but bear in mind, as dealers need to make a profit and also cover their overhead costs, the offer you get might well be below the market rate.

Although fast and easy, you may get a value lower than that of the market rate for your car if you sell you car to a dealer

Dealers will nitpick and slash their offering price according to the condition of the paintwork, interior, etc. Don't be surprised to see an advertisement of your car with a new coat of paint and for a price much more than what you got for it. 

There is a list of selected dealers who will typically offer to purchase used vehicles at a rate above that of the general market.

Selling by auction to dealers via Quotz

sgCarMart Quotz helps car sellers get the most attractive car sale price from a network of over 500 used car dealers. Cars go through a 188-point inspection before being listed on an open bidding system. The highest offer will be ready within an hour and the seller gets to choose whether to accept the offer. If it is accepted, the seller gets paid immediately, and the car can be handed over in two weeks' time.

The service comes with a $100 guarantee that it will provide an unmatchable highest dealer offer available in the market. Quotz is a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings & and has successfully transacted over 15,000 cars.

You can always head on down to Quotz for assistance

The process is simple. You're only required to make an appointment with sgCarMart Quotz's staff via Website, Whatsapp, SMS or Phone for a professional 188-point inspection and photo-taking of your car before the pictures and details are submitted for bidding.

Once you accept the offer, it will pay you a cash deposit to seal the deal. The balance sum will be paid to you once you handover the vehicle. You can choose when to handover your car, up to 14 days later. It will handle all the transfer paperwork and documentation.

*This article was updated on 23rd March 2018.
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