Most people will agree that in person, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is handsome and bold-looking, giving it the impression that it is a much bigger car. Plus, it offers an interior that's driver-focused and nothing short of luxurious, and is packed with infotainment and driver assistance features as standard. The 2er Gran Coupe is undoubtedly a well-executed attempt to challenge the norms in a very competitive segment.
What defines the Car of the Year?

Performance? Sure, we do enjoy high performance cars that tingles the senses and threaten our driving licenses. But performance isn't the only measure of a car.

Practicality? Of course, a car must deliver some level of practicality as well. Yes, for some people a car may be a two-seater toy, but for most of us, a car needs to do the simple, practical things like getting to work and going to the supermarket.

Polish? While most modern cars exhibit solid build quality and ever-improving technology, having an extra level of polish and refinement always matters.

Popularity? Certainly. After all, if a car is a limited-run model that only a privileged few get to enjoy, that seems almost besides the point.

Personality? Most definitely. Every car has an identity of its own, but some are more distinct than others. Having a clear and interesting personality helps set a model apart.

In many ways, a Car of the Year needs to encompass all of those things. This brings us to our choice for 2020 – the brand new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

While it may be powered by a humble 1.5-litre engine, the 2 Series GC impresses with its driving dynamics. Agile, responsive and engaging, it delivers a simple yet all-important experience – fun.

It's also highly practical. As BMW's most accessible four-door sedan model, the 2GC taps into a market segment previously dominated by its competitors, delivering space, comfort and utility for a typical family.

The 2GC is certainly an eye-catching model, both from the outside and inside. The exterior, with its sleek, flowing lines, definitely grows on you over time. Inside, you are met with a typically excellent cabin, packed full of modern equipment and amenities. BMW undeniably understand how to do quality.

As a new model, the 2GC may not have the established reputation as other models that have been through multiple iterations. However, that doesn't diminish its popularity. Considering the success of entry models like the 1 Series and the X1, we have no doubt that the 2GC finds itself in good stead to make a big impact within its segment.

What the 2GC does bring as a brand new model is a sense of excitement and interest. Combining pretty looks with practical utility, the 2GC is a new model worth getting excited about – a new compact luxury sedan option for those looking to enter the world of luxury motoring.

Certainly, there are cars more ground-breaking and exciting than the 2GC. There are cars that are more typically popular than the 2GC. However, the 2GC rises to top with its ability to deliver an appealing balance and combination of all the above qualities, making it our pick for the 2020 Car of the Year.