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German carmaker Volkswagen aims to strengthen its stronghold in the local market with the introduction of diesel models before year ends.

08 Nov 2012 | Local News : Singapore

As we are approaching the end of 2012, Volkswagen is bracing itself for the upcoming challenge of the upcoming years. The marque is increasingly popular among the local motorists with German technical ingenuity coupled with its smart looks and premium packaging. The smaller capacity models especially were the favourites, garnering extra tax savings without compromising on utility and performance. 

A badge that will see more of daylight with the roll-out of CEVS in 2013
Volkswagen Singapore will take on a new frontier in the years coming, with the addition of diesel-powered models into its current lineup. Riding on the new CEVS or Carbon Emission-based Vehicle Scheme which is set to kick in next year, the TDI models are expected to garner likes from the discerning local motorists with lower emission standards. For instance, the Jetta 1.6 TDI sedan will attract a $15,000 CEVS discount, a substantial $10,000 more than the 1.4 TSI petrol model which is currently on sale.

The 11-model TDI lineup will also be the most comprehensive in our local market, spanning across different segments from the Polo hatchback and the Scirocco coupe to the Sharan MPV and the flagship Phaeton sedan. While diesel cars command a higher selling price due to the higher manufacturing costs, VW diesel models will be sold at the same price as their petrol-driven brethrens. 

The oil-burning powerplants from Wolfsburg have a long and illustrious history - the first of its kind seen on the 1976 Golf D, which has an impressive fuel efficiency of 6.5L/100km. Since then, Volkswagen’s TDI technology has grown from strength to strength, making up a substantial 59 per cent of its total sales volume in Western Europe.

And as proof of its technical excellence and reliability, the media event was also graced by Rainer Zietlow, an adventurer who recently set a new World record in his expedition with the Volkswagen Touareg TDI. The German off-road driver clocked 23,000km, travelling from the World's southernmost to the northernmost cities in a span of 17 days.

With the launch of the lineup, a new TDI experience centre will be set up at the Volkswagen Centre Alexandra. Stay tuned for more details of the pricing and specifications, available from 6 December 2012 onwards.

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