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Volvo Trucks hosted the Singapore Fuelwatch Challenge 2017, and the two winning drivers will represent the country in the International Fuelwatch Challenge.

14 Jul 2017 | Local News : Singapore

Volvo Trucks Singapore hosted its annual Fuelwatch Challenge last weekend on 8th July, where 42 finalists competed for the title of Singapore's most fuel-efficient driver.

The two winners from Singapore will head up to Gothenburg, Sweden, to compete in the International Fuelwatch Challenge 2017 Finals
Organised by Volvo Trucks, a global leader in innovative transport solutions and fuel efficiency, the Fuelwatch Challenge champions fuel-efficient driving amongst individual drivers, which serves to reduce fuel usage, improve business profitability, and have a positive impact on the environment. The challenge tested truck drivers' skills in fuel-efficient driving and vehicle handling capabilities, and showcased the best among the trucking community.

39-year old Voon Kwok Loong from Kim Hock Corporation and 35-year old Thangaraju Prabhu from YTL Concrete emerged as winners in the FMX category and FH/FM category respectively, proving they have the skills and knowledge to drive fuel efficiently.

Together with other finalists from around the region, Kwok Loong and Prabhu will be participating in the International Fuelwatch Challenge 2017 Finals in Gothenburg, Sweden, the home of Volvo Trucks, for the coveted title of 2017's most fuel-efficient driver, this September.

"I went into the Singapore Fuelwatch Challenge with the mindset of putting my usual driving habits and techniques to the test, so the results are overwhelming to me," said Voon. "The experience has taught me valuable fuel-saving tips and techniques, and I feel empowered to do my part to improve productivity and cost savings for Kim Hock Corporation."

Last year's winner, Mr. Dennis Yee, who runs a forklift rental service and participated in this year's challenge as well, highlights how the Challenge benefits him as an SME owner.

Mr. Yee, last year's winner, highlights the various lessons and knowledge he has gained from taking part in the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Challenge
"I took part in the challenge as it offered knowledge and skills that could benefit my business. Running a forklift rental service, the bulk of my day-to-day work involves driving the company truck to deliver and collect forklifts for our customers. The Fuelwatch Challenge offered the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills on how to drive fuel-efficiently, which can help cut operational costs including fuel and maintenance costs," he said.

"The practical tests also taught me the value of staying calm while driving. Staying level-headed even under pressure or frustrating traffic conditions will allow you to remember and practice all the good driving techniques required to drive safely and fuel efficiently."

While the Fuelwatch Challenge may be specific to Volvo Trucks, he also notes that it is relevant to car owners and drivers as well, "A lot of the driving techniques taught during the Fuelwatch Challenge can be applied when driving a car as well. The following are some examples of techniques car drivers can apply to help save fuel - anticipating road and traffic conditions, reducing hard braking, maintaining a constant average speed, and using cruise control when possible."

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