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The Ariya Concept features award-winning driver assistance technology and a look that signals a complete reinvention of Nissan's design language.

24 Oct 2019 | International News : Japan

Nissan has unveiled the Ariya Concept, a crossover electric vehicle with twin electric motors, powerful acceleration, award-winning driver assistance technology and a look that signals a complete reinvention of the brand's design.

The Ariya Concept's sleek exterior reflects the pure and clean nature of electric cars
The new Nissan Ariya Concept, introduced at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, signals the dawn of a new era for Nissan as the company embarks to redefine its brand philosophy for the next evolutionary phase of the automobile.

The Ariya Concept features a spacious and premium cabin with high-tech features, and a body that conveys the pure, clean nature of electric cars.

It embodies the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision of personal transportation - one where electrification and vehicle intelligence will offer seamless and adaptive travel experiences free of accidents or harmful emissions.

Characterised by the concepts 'sleek', 'seamless' and 'sexy', the Nissan Ariya Concept features examples of this new design language throughout the exterior, including wide front fenders, super-thin LED head lights, as well as the front shield (typically a grille on a gasoline-powered vehicle) which is emblazoned with a bespoke, illuminated Nissan emblem. The shield incorporates a subtle geometric pattern that reveals itself when the electrified V-motion signature is illuminated.

The emphasis on sleek design continues into the interior, where the only physical controls are the start button and the climate controls
In the interior, the minimalist dashboard is uncluttered by the buttons and switches found in conventional vehicles.

When the Ariya Concept is energised, seamlessly integrated haptic touch controls along the instrument panel come to life with a glow. And, when the car is not in use, they disappear into the surface. The only physical controls are the start button, a single knob to operate the 12.3-inch display monitor, and the climate controls, which are artfully ingrained into the instrument panel's genuine-wood lower section.

The instrument panel transitions flawlessly into the doors and interior elements, to be out of sight when not in use.

The Ariya Concept also features the latest version of Nissan's award-winning driver assistance system, ProPILOT 2.0, for a more confident and comfortable drive. The system combines navigated highway driving with hands-off single-lane driving capabilities. By engaging the vehicle's navigation system to help manoeuvre the car on a predefined route on designated roads, the system can assist the driver with passing, lane diversions and lane exiting on multi-lane highways.

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