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The Mercedes CLA Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA get new plug-in hybrid drivetrains, delivering new driving pleasure and suitability for everyday use.

07 Mar 2020 | International News : Germany

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA now have a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Plug-in hybrid drivetrain will deliver a total system output of 215bhp
The electric motor in all three models will produce 99bhp. Together with the 1.33-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the system will have a combined output of 215bhp and a system torque of 450Nm.

Mercedes claims that the additional power of the electric motor will guarantee impressive performance and rapid response to inputs to the accelerator. Acceleration to 100km/h from rest is completed in 6.8 seconds for the CLA250e coupe, 6.9 seconds for the CLA250e Shooting Brake, and 7.1 seconds for the GLA250e.

The lithium-ion battery will have a capacity of 15.6kWh and can be charged with alternating current or direct current. Charging the battery to full from a 7.4kW wallbox with alternating current will require one hour and 45 minutes from a 10% state of charge. For direct-current charging at 24kW, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% percent capacity in around 25 minutes.

The high-voltage battery is water-cooled and weighs approximately 150kg. An innovative exhaust system allows exceptionally clever packaging, resulting in only minimal reduction in boot capacity compared to the non-hybrid models.

Charging the battery to full from 10% via a 7.4kW wallbox with alternating current will require one hour and 45 minutes
All models will come with third-generation plug-in technology, allowing the hybrid system to take into account the entire planned route in the navigation system, taking into account speed limits and route data to prioritise electric driving mode for the most sensible sections of each route.

Drivers will also be able to opt to maximise the use of electric power by setting the drive mode to 'Electric'. In this mode, the combustion engine is only engaged if the driver uses kickdown on the accelerator pedal.

Five different energy recuperation levels will also be offered, and drivers will be able to select from the different levels via paddles on the steering wheel.

Pre-entry climate control will also be offered on the model, and can be activated conveniently by smartphone prior to each journey.

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