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The biggest and most versatile member of the MINI family receives new design tweaks and engine upgrades, as well as an interior refresh for 2020.

27 May 2020 | International News : Germany

The MINI Countryman has received new design tweaks and drivetrain upgrades.

The refreshed car now sports a new bumper design, which is now finished in the body colour, for a new high-quality appearance. A redesigned radiator grille also now has the hexagonal contours that are typical of MINI and is surrounded by a slim, single-piece chrome frame.

The taillights of the updated Countryman feature chrome frames and now also trace the pattern of the Union Jack
The air intake on the bonnet is subdivided by three horizontal struts in the MINI One Countryman, MINI Cooper Countryman, MINI One D Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman, while the radiator grille of the new MINI Cooper S Countryman and the new MINI Cooper SD Countryman is characterised by a hexagonal grid pattern with a red 'S' and a single chrome strut.

The rear apron of the Countryman has also been updated to add to the cars' powerful and contemporary look. Upright taillights now sport a chrome frame while the graphic structure of the light source also traces the pattern of the Union Jack.

Two new body colours, White Silver metallic and Sage Green metallic, have also been added to the range.

The car's redesign also adds LED headlamps to the standard trim in the new MINI Countryman. The distinctive, slightly asymmetrically rounded contours of the headlamps are now accentuated by a continuous band of light that takes on the function of both daytime driving lights and turn indicators.

The car's headlamps now incorporate daytime driving lights, while LED fog lights now come on the standard trim
Turning lights are also now included in the functional range of the LED headlamps to provide intensive illumination of the side of the road when changing direction. The standard trim of the new MINI Countryman also includes LED fog lights, with a light band in the upper semicircle of each fog light serving as a parking light.

Adaptive LED headlamps with Variable Light Distribution and Matrix Function for the high beam are also available as a new option.

In urban traffic and when visibility is limited due to the weather conditions, the new option illuminates the side area of the road more intensely by adding the dimmed turning light. When driving on motorways it is possible to selectively increase the range of the high beam.

The three-cylinder petrol engines of the new MINI One Countryman and the new MINI Cooper Countryman, and four-cylinder petrol engine of the new MINI Cooper S Countryman, now include a redesigned exhaust manifold and cylinder heads for effective cooling of the exhaust gases and the turbocharging system. Crankcase cooling can be reduced when demand is low in the partial load range by means of a new split cooling valve. In addition, petrol engine direct injection now operates at a maximum pressure that has been increased from 200bar to 350bar.

All model variants will now get a sports leather steering wheel
The MINI One Countryman will sport a 100bhp output, while the MINI Cooper Countryman gets 134bhp. The MINI Cooper S Countryman, meanwhile, will deliver 176bhp of power.

The MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 and the MINI Cooper D Countryman ALL4 now feature an eight-speed Steptronic transmission as standard, as do the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4, MINI Cooper SD Countryman and MINI Cooper SD Countryman ALL4 models.

In the cabin, all model variants will now get a sports leather steering wheel. In the new MINI Countryman, the front passenger can also adapt seat height as required. Electrically adjustable seats are available as an option, including a memory function on the driver's side.

An optional digital instrument display is now available for the new MINI Countryman. The display in Black Panel design behind the steering wheel has a 5.0-inch diameter. The Connected Media and Connected Navigation Plus options, available as an alternative to the basic configuration, each include an 8.8-inch colour screen with touchscreen function located in the central instrument that is typical of the brand.

The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4's 9.6kWh battery gives it an electric-only range of 55km to 61km
Also newly announced is the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4. Fitted with a hybrid-specific all-wheel drive system as standard, it utilises a three-cylinder petrol engine that transmits its power to the front wheels and an electric synchronous motor that acts on the rear wheels. Together, the two power units produce a system output of 217bhp.

The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4's high-voltage lithium-ion battery has a gross energy content of 9.6kWh, giving the car a maximum electrically powered range of 55km to 61km based on the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure cycle.

The new MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 comes with a six-speed Steptronic transmission as standard.
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