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Aston Martin and Brough Superior begins dynamic testing for the track-only AMB 001 which will be strictly limited to only 100 examples.

27 Jun 2020 | International News : France

The AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior took to the track at Pau-Arnos in France recently to begin its comprehensive testing programme.

Designed and engineered for the race track, the AMB 001 is strictly limited to just 100 examples and is on schedule for first deliveries at the end of this year.

The AMB 001 will undergo comprehensive testing on the track at Pau-Arnos in France
Adorned in the traditional Aston Martin Camo livery, the AMB 001 test mule completed its first test at Pau-Arnos. Prototype testing is one of the most vital parts of the development process with a test motorcycle, allowing the team to validate the chassis geometry, the ergonomics and dynamic behaviour.

In the same way that Aston Martin's vehicle dynamics engineers can 'read' a car, Brough Superior's test rider feeds back on all areas of performance, from the overall dynamic feel of the bike to details regarding cornering, braking, acceleration and the like.

One of the key design features of the AMB 001 is an aluminium fin that runs along the full length of a carbon fibre tank, passing under the saddle and out onto the rear. The body holding the fin and supporting the saddle is one of the areas where Brough Superior called on the unique knowledge of Mecano ID, who joined the project to apply specialist aerospace-quality carbon fibre skills to the exclusive AMB 001.

One key design feature is the aluminum fin that runs along the carbon fibre fuel tank
While the focus of the track testing is directed at the chassis, engine bench testing takes place in parallel to streamline the development process.

The AMB 001 boasts a turbocharged engine with an output of 177bhp, which is unique in the motorcycle industry for a serial production bike. The turbo package includes an intercooler, with the imposing radiator and its striking oversized intake manifold, gives the V-twin a supercar engine appearance.

Once this testing process is complete, the AMB 001 will go into production this Autumn at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. Only 100 examples will be made. A Youtube video of the AMB 001's dynamic testing can be found here.
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