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The first official renderings of the Volkswagen ID.4 reveal an SUV that combines flowing, organic forms and excellent aerodynamic qualities.

29 Aug 2020 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen has revealed the first official sketches of its upcoming ID.4 electric SUV.

The sketches reveal that the car will combine a flowing, organic forms with excellent aerodynamic qualities. 

The flowing shape of the vehicle body and passenger compartment contribute to the car's 0.28 drag coefficient
"The electric design evolution of the ID.4 also means that we have focused very strongly on the aerodynamics," explains Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Design.

The ID.4 achieves an excellent drag coefficient of 0.28, thanks to the flowing shape of the vehicle body and passenger compartment, which are significantly drawn in towards the rear. This is complemented by many precisely executed details, such as the bodies of the taillight clusters together with the large roof spoiler to ensure that the air flow is cleanly separated.

"The ID.4 represents an electric design evolution," says Zyciora. "Its exterior design is clean, flowing and powerful. It appears strong and self-confident in a new way. This is mainly due to the seamless, aerodynamic style of our ID. family, which we have transferred to the SUV segment for the first time with the ID.4. This means that gentle, soft transitions alternate with sharp, clear separating edges. The design looks as if shaped by the wind itself. At the same time, the modern look of the ID.4 can be seen by the characteristic head lights and the signature light between them."

The Volkswagen ID.4 will be built and sold in Europe, China and later also in the U.S.A
With the ID.4, Volkswagen is expanding its offering with an all-electric vehicle in the largest segment worldwide - the compact SUV class. The car will in future be built and sold in Europe, China and later also in the U.S.A.

The new SUV will initially be launched with rear-wheel drive, and an electric all-wheel drive variant will follow at a later stage. The high-voltage battery of the ID.4 is positioned in the sandwich-design underbody to create an optimum low centre of gravity for driving dynamics as well as extremely well-balanced axle load distribution.

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