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2016 Formula One world champion drives the fully-electric race car at the Nurburgring and describes the experience as having left a lasting impression on him.

17 Oct 2020 | International News : Germany

Nico Rosberg, 2016 Formula One world champion, took the 670bhp electric race car for a spin at the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit in the Eifel region of Germany. Rosberg, who is passionate about electromobility, has invested heavily in future technologies since retiring from Formula One.

Nico Rosberg took his place for the first time in the Volkswagen ID.R in his other role as car tester and infuencer. Rosberg stated later on his social media channels that the car had the kind of performance he had only ever experienced before in Formula One.

The Volkswagen ID.R holds five world records, one of the most famous being the overall record of 7:57.148 at the 2018 Pikes Peak International hillclimb
The weather gods were not smiling on the former Formula One champion at the Nurburgring. However, despite rain, wind and temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, Rosberg still had a smile on his face as he climbed into the ID.R, which currently holds five records on three continents.

"It is a while since I have driven a real race car in the rain, but I immediately felt like a fish in water again in the ID.R. It feels fantastic to drive," said Rosberg after his test drive. "The traction, the acceleration, the downforce - it was all very familiar." 

"Compliments to the engineers at Volkswagen, who have done important pioneering work in the world of electromobility with the ID.R. Motorsport's job is to change mobility as a whole. It should be the test and development platform, in order to transport technology into production," he added.

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