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With production and delivery of the Flying Spur V8 now underway, Bentley has introduced a range of Flying Spur-inspired gifts, trinkets and collector's items.

19 Dec 2020 | International News : U.K.

As the first new Flying Spur V8 cars leave Crewe for their new homes, owners and fans of the model will be excited to see a range of products inspired by the iconic Flying B and other core Bentley design elements. These inspired creations will be available on the Bentley online store.

The 1:43 scale resin car models of the Flying Spur are brand new additions to the Bentley Collection, available in a choice of two beautiful, replica specifications. Home and desk accessories inspired by the Flying B mascot are available, as well as a leather case to keep the Flying Spur key looking smart and safe.

The Flying B Bottle Stopper, for when your dinner table needs that extra touch of luxury
The Flying Spur is seen to be one of the world's best luxury four door grand tourer, lovingly crafted at Bentley's Crewe HQ through over 100 hours of hand-assembly. 

Certainly the most iconic aspect of the car is the distinctive Flying B mascot that sits proudly on the bonnet of the Flying Spur. Its current manifestation was born from a restyling project conducted by Bentley designers in 2019, to celebrate the brand's centenary year.

The Flying B Paperweight pays homage to the latest Flying B mascot, as seen on the new Flying Spur. The chrome-plated paperweight is firmly engineered to add a touch of luxury to anyone's desk and to weigh down stacks of letters and papers in style.

The Flying B Paperweight, to hold down your loose documents and papers with the years of history this logo has
To match this is the equally elegant, chrome-plated Flying B Letter Opener. The profile of the Flying B mascot tops the letter opener, which is sophisticated in its elongated design.

The Flying B Bottle Stopper is the ultimate accessory to any dinner party. Paired with the Leather Bottle Holder and Leather Tray, your table will always be stylish.

Collectors of model cars will be eager to get their hands on Bentley's newest additions to the 1:43 scale lineup - the new Flying Spur. These faithfully replicated models capture the sublime lines of the Bentley Flying Spur in miniature.

The Flying B Letter Opener, for that added touch of class at home or in the office
Collectors of the 1:43 scale model can choose a colourway and specification that suits their unique preferences, and it makes the ideal gift for any fans or owners of the Flying Spur.

Owners of the Flying Spur are known to take upmost care of their treasured cars, right down to their prized set of keys. The Italian-leather Car Key Case features a convenient extractable key-holder strap and a 15mm zinc-alloy stud adorned with the stylised Bentley 'B'. The suedette lining is designed to keep the car key safe and protected at all times both on and off the road.

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