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Two riders decided to kit themselves out with Dainese's technical gear and take the new Ducati Multistrada V4 on an expedition to the Arctic Circle.

22 Feb 2021 | International News : Italy

Enchanting landscapes, snow-capped mountains and the Northern Lights provide the backdrop for the incredible story for two riders. Alessandro Broglia, 35, and Alessandro Mollo, 35, are both from Turin, Italy, and are enduro riders who share a passion for adventure. Briglia is used to taking long motorbike trips, but for Mollo, an experienced mountaineer and motorcyclist, it was his first long adventure on two wheels.
Forced to spend all of their time at home during the pandemic left the duo feeling increasingly trapped, and they mulled over how to get back out into the world. The latest arrival to the Ducati family, the Multistrada V4, gave the pair the perfect opportunity. 

With advanced electronics, materials and technology, the new Ducati Multistrada V4 proved to be perfect travel companions
They set themselves the task of putting the Multistrada V4 to the test in extreme conditions, with an adventure ending up in the Arctic Circle - a task that, aside from giving them an excuse to travel, would enable them to get their hands on and gain a comprehensive 360-degree understanding of this new motorcycle. To brave the harsh Arctic conditions, the pair also kitted themslves out with Dainese gear specifically designed to withstand the freezing northern temperatures. 

Starting out from the Ducati headquarters in Borgo Panigale, Broglia and Mollo began on their first leg of the journey. Hours and hours on the motorway were made comfortable by the Multistrada V4's ideal riding position, heated seats and handles, and radar-operated adaptive cruise control. Even with snow beginning to fall as the pair entered Scandinavia, they were protected by their Antarctica suits with laminated Gore-Tex outer membrane. 

The pair tackled adverse Arctic conditions, travelling at sub-zero temperatures throughout
As the pair journeyed North through the Swedish peninsula, unstable weather conditions (changing from snow to ice to sun) forced them to use emergency studs on their tyres to improve grip on icy roads. Upon reaching Stockholm, special studded tyres were fitted to the bikes, offering agility and precision even on icy roads. The bike's eight-level traction control system also kept them riding safely even in these adverse conditions. 

Through the remote wilderness of Lapland and on towards Villa Björklund, the enchanting snowy scene, covered by a blanket of pure white, was only broken by the red of the Ducati bikes.

The two riders covered 7,400km over 14 days on their Multistrada V4s
Even with the temperature falling to a low of -31oC, the pair managed to cross into the Arctic Circle on day seven, pushing on to the border with Norway aided by the bike's adaptive Skyhook suspension and different riding modes. 

After spending a day at the Colmis Proving Ground, Broglia and Mollo embarked on the long return journey back to Italy. High on confidence, and with good roads and weather on their side, they managed to complete the 3,250km descent in just five days - the protection of the windshield and the riding assistance systems helping to stave off the fatigue. 

Click through the gallery to see more photos of the pair's epic Arctic adventure. 

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